Obviously this is compare apples to oranges, but in her opinion i beg your pardon certification is much more useful in today's market?

I at this time have experience with energetic Directory and Exchange, so the MCSA would far better compliment mine resume, but it appears that the CCNA is generally an ext in-demand. I think I would certainly be happy together a sysadmin or a network admin.

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I just received mine CEH (eager to watch how valuable that'll be....) and I'm all set for my next cert. So what do you think?


Why not both? (Other 보다 cost.)

The CCNA isn't as well bad, you can have it under your belt in around 3 month if girlfriend take the moment to study and really discover the material.

I don't have actually an MCSA myself so ns couldn't yes, really say how complicated that is, yet I don't think a CCNA would certainly be that far out the your way if you're interested in learning a little bit of networking come go with your server experience.

The reason I'm unconvinced to obtain both is that ns don't desire to be stuck at entry level forever. If I acquire the MCSA, why then walk for the CCNA when I deserve to graduate come the MCSE?

It really depends on what your lengthy term objectives are. Feather a few years down the line perform you desire to continue to it is in a jack of every trades? A network engineer? A Windows systems Admin? What perform you desire to do? number that out and also then start working on certs that'll get you additional in the field.

I feel choose I would be happy as either a network engineer or a sysadmin. Lock both interest me, but I don't have experience together either so ns can't really say because that sure.

You say you don't want to continue to be entry-level forever which I, the course, understand. If you wish to specialization a bit an ext (network technician vs. MS solution engineer path) then the only question is: which execute you prefer? obtain that cert and also then jump into the respective following step: CCNP or MCSE. As a holder of both the CCNA and also MCSA, I will say that the MCSA to be much easier to study for, though it took just as long because of the number of tests. I spent about 6 months on each, obtained the CCENT, gained the MCSA, and then got the CCNA in just over a year's time. Both have actually helped me tremendously both gaining through HR come interviews for increasingly far better paying jobs, as well as the fundamental knowledge I must do those jobs. My reference is spend a year and get both and also during the time think long and hard around which curriculum girlfriend enjoyed more and then enter the following level that that vendor cert. FWIW.

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EDIT: probably your aspirations are higher, yet I have actually 4 year experience and also have unable to do from a 33k project as a junior net admin come a 75k network/systems engineer project with just those certs and a couple other low-level ones. I'm additionally on my fourth job since demand is therefore high because that my skill-set the it would be a crime for me no to store my alternatives open and also jobs just loss into mine lap. I was a polisci significant in college.