Message warns recipients the cell phone number are set to be exit to telemarketing companies this month and also that consumers will certainly be charged for incoming calls from these companies. The post urges people to register on the do Not call list to have actually their cell phone numbers clogged from together calls.

Brief Analysis

The claim that mobile numbers are about to be released to the public is a long running hoax v no factual communication whatsoever. And also the insurance claim that consumers will certainly be charged because that sales calls make by telemarketing carriers is likewise nonsense. Resending this false info will help no one. However, it have to be provided that the nationwide Do Not contact Registry chin is a actual US government entity and also US consumers can indeed it is registered their mobile numbers if lock wish.

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REMEMBER: mobile Numbers go Public this month. REMINDER….. All cell phone numbers room being exit to telemarketing companies and you will begin to obtain sales calls. …. YOU will certainly BE CHARGED for THESE calls To protect against this, contact the adhering to number from your cell phone: 888-382-1222 . It is the nationwide DO NOT call list the will only take a minute of her time.. It blocks her number for 5 (5) years. Friend must speak to from the mobile number you desire to have blocked. Girlfriend cannot call from a various phone number. Aid OTHERS BY passing THIS ON. The takes around 20 seconds RE-POST


Detailed Analysis

Versions the this “warning” message have actually circulated continually because 2004, very first via email and more lately via society media websites. Follow to the message, mobile numbers are set to go public “this month”. The message insurance claims that, not only will cell phone numbers be exit to telemarketing suppliers “this month” yet that consumers will certainly actually be charged because that sales calls made by this companies. The message suggests that, to protect against these unwanted sales calls, consumers need to register your cell phone number on the nationwide Do Not contact list. The urges recipients to pass on the info to assist others prevent these i have lot of money telemarketing calls as well.

The details in the message around the nationwide Do Not call Registry is factual. Consumers can include their mobile numbers to the registry if they wish to carry out so. However, the case that cell phone numbers are because of be released to telemarketing suppliers is untrue. And the insurance claim that consumers will be charged because that sales calls made by these telemarketing providers is simply absurd. These claims are part of a long running hoax that has actually circulated in the united States, Australia and also Canada for numerous years. In fact, the an alleged number release has actually been set to occur “this month” ever since September 2004.

in spite of thorough debunking of the hoax by various media and also government agencies, the hoax message proceeds to circulate. In January 2006, the united state Federal trade Commission released a explain denying the cases in the message, which note in part:

The Federal trade Commission (FTC) now reiterated that regardless of the cases made in e-mails turn around on the Internet, consumers must not be concerned that your cell phone call numbers will be exit to telemarketers in the close to future, and also that the is not essential to it is registered cell phone number on the nationwide Do Not contact (DNC) it is registered to be safeguarded from many telemarketing call to cabinet phones.

Then in September 2009, the FTC exit the adhering to statement again denying the cases in the hoax message:

NO reality TO RUMOR that CELL phone call NUMBERS will BE MADE obtainable TO TELEMARKETERS

Washington, DC — For numerous years there has actually been a rumor circulating, mainly by e-mail, that a nationwide directory of mobile numbers will certainly be made easily accessible to telemarketers, and also that consumer will start receiving telemarketing calls on their cell phones.

There is no fact to this rumor. Mobile numbers space not being released to telemarketers, and you will not quickly be gaining telemarketing phone call on her cell phone. FCC rules prohibit the usage of autodialers and prerecorded message to call cell phones there is no the consumer’s consent. Thus, most telemarketers are barred native contacting consumers on your cell phones.

The e-mail spreading the rumor often suggests that consumers put their cell phone numbers on the nationwide Do-Not-Call registry by walking on-line at www.donotcall.gov or by call 1- 888-382-1222. This is the correct contact information because that the national Do-Not-Call Registry. Consumers might register their cell call numbers as an extra protection versus unwanted telemarketing calls, although many telemarketing phone call to cell phones would be illegal nevertheless of even if it is the number is detailed on the Do-Not-Call Registry.

For an ext information ~ above the government’s Do-Not-Call Registry, go to www.donotcall.gov.

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To learn much more about the e-mail rumor, go tohttp://www.fcc.gov/cgb/consumerfacts/truthaboutcellphones.html

Thus, the insurance claims in this old hoax message are nonsense and also forwarding or reposting the will aid nobody. However, as detailed above, us consumers can include their cellphone numbers to the national Do Not contact Registry if they great either via the Registry’s website or by calling 1-888-382-1222 native the call they great to register. The claim in the blog post that numbers added to the Registry will certainly expire in 5 years is incorrect. Registered numbers carry out not expire and also will just be removed as soon as they room disconnected and reassigned, or as soon as the customer chooses to remove a number indigenous the registry.