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Put on her yarmulkeIt's time because that ChanukahOnce again it's on-akaThe wonder of ChanukahGive it up for the Drei-Dels everybody!Chanukah is the Festival that LightsOne job of presents? Hell, no, we get Eight stunner NightsBut if friend still feel favor the only kid in city without a Christmas treeI guess my first two song didn't perform it for you, so below comes number three>Ross and also Pheobe indigenous Friends say the Chanukah blessingSo walk Lenny's pal Squiggy and Will and Grace's Debra MessingMelissa Gilbert and Michael London never ever mix meat through dairyMaybe they shoulda dubbed that show little Kosher home on the PrairieWe've obtained Jerry Lewis, Ben Stiller, and also Jack BlackTom Arnold converted to Judaism yet you guys deserve to have him back(Just kidding Tommy!)We may not get to kiss underneath the mistletoeBut we can do it every night lengthy with Deuce BigelowI'm JewishOh my gosh, we gained Schneider in here!
Put on your yarmulke, below comes ChanukahThe guy in Willie Nelson's band who plays harmonicaCelebrates Chanukah
Oh, an excellent job Schneider! Alright now>Osama Bin Laden, not a large fan the the JewsWell perhaps that 's since he lost a figure-skating matchTo gold medalist sarah Hughes—her mama's JewishHoudini and David Blaine escape straitjackets v such precisionBut the one point they can not acquire out of— their painful circumcisionAs for great actors, Sean pen is rather the an excellent oneAnd Marlon Brando, not a Jew at all! but looks come me favor he ate one. Yeah!There's Lou Reed, Perry Farrell, Beck and also Paula AbdulJoey Ramone created punk absent music but an initial came Hebrew schoolHey, Natalie Portman-ukahIt's time come celebrate ChanukahI expect I acquire an abtronikaOn this joyful, toyful ChanukahSo get a high colonikaAnd soil your long John-ukahsIf friend really, really wanna-kaHave a happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy...Happy Chanukah!