Charles Michael Davis has actually an ungodly lot of au naturel swagger. Seriously. The isn"t even fair to us normal people. Because that the 30-year-old actor, however, having swagger in spades come in handy once the cameras start rolling. Together vampire Marcel top top the CW"s supernatural drama "The Originals," Davis depends on his natural charm -- and also we"re exceptionally thankful for it.

"They actually asked Phoebe , "Is there anything you want to perform this season that you haven"t had a chance to carry out before?"" Davis called News. "And she said, "Yeah, ns really desire to work with Charles Michael Davis. He"s yes, really talented. He"s easy on the eyes, and also he"s funny and also he renders me laugh. Ns feel warm and also fuzzy about him, and it would just make mine life more complete." her words, no mine."

Uh-huh. But that"s just the sort of man Davis is: calm, oh-so-cool and collected... Sort of like his TV counterpart Marcel. As the perfect silver paper to Klaus" hot-headed temper, Marcel likes to use a different technique to get what that wants. For the most part, Marcel keeps his cool under pressure, however that doesn"t average it"s been easy, especially in Season 3.

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Lauren Weissler/ News

After losing every little thing he started off the series with -- manage over the city, his faithful band of followers and his house in basic -- Marcel needed to gain his swagger back. And that"s why he began a vampires-only fight club, right in the heart of St. Anne’s Church.

"He"s ago at the karaoke bar whereby everyone remembers his name," Davis said. "He converted the church into a gym, and he"s to be recruiting new vampires. Us tried to acquire an octagon, but I think that"s trademarked, for this reason we built a heptagon. Therefore there"s a most sparring going on, and also he"s feeling favor himself again."

"It"s funny due to the fact that Daniel and also I have trained in Muay Thai," the added. "It was one of the very first things we talked about, together we sat down at dinner prior to we shooting the pilot. That goes, "I hear you"re into Muay Thai. Wouldn"t it be cool if Marcel and Elijah obtain into Muay Thai and they start a fight club and also start sparring?" and also I was like, "Yeah, it would be cool. Good luck with that." and also here we room in a heptagon."

Lauren Weissler/ News

And if it might seem prefer the idea because that Marcel"s fight club spawned indigenous a CW marketing conference -- wherein the an ext shirtless dudes, the far better -- Davis is simply happy that currently he can display off in former of the actors of "Arrow" at next year"s Upfronts.

"We would constantly see the cast of "Arrow" at events and go, "Look in ~ David , he"s huge. Look in ~ those shoulders!"" the said. "So this was a an excellent way because that them to put a gym ~ above our collection without having actually to actually construct one."

Marcel"s newfound combat skills will come in handy with a war between sire lines right now brewing.

Given that Marcel was sired from Klaus, we"d mean to uncover Marcel top top Team Klaus, since if Klaus dies, the dies. And yet, when Elijah"s very first sire, Tristan, comes to town v a mystery vampire culture and a keen attention in Marcel, things acquire a little bit complicated, especially when Aya start the picture.

"She"s a challenging one, possibly a tiny crazy," Davis said. "She"s nice intense, which provides her really intriguing come Marcel. She"s at least 1,000 years old, and he to know she has actually a most power. There’s something that piques his curiosity given the fact that everything"s therefore mysterious through The Strix."

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Lauren Weissler/ News

Tristan"s secret society has actually its eye on Marcel, that they view as a potential new recruit, so Aya invites him come their fancy gala, where points naturally gain a little bit murky. Because that Davis, however, it to be nice to dress up because that a change.

"It"s nice to involved work and put a tux top top -- and it"s an excellent to check out Phoebe Tonkin in a beautiful red dress," the joked. "Marcel is trying to channel his inner James bond in this one."

And the danger and also unpredictability is exactly what Marcel likes around The Strix. Due to the fact that once top top a time, that was the guy.

"One of the points we talked around early ~ above this season to be "How execute we get ago to the Marcel indigenous the pilot?" of course, he to be drunk top top power. But the authors were an extremely aware the Marcel necessary his swagger back. Chris Grismer, who directed ours pilot and has directed a few episodes since, said, "Wait a minute. The last episode I directed, Marcel to be saying, I"m the king, and also now he"s purchase tea sets?" I miss out on that male who to be a little dangerous and also unpredictable -- and also he"s coming back this season."