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Low seasonJulyBest time come beat the crowds through an mean 24% autumn in price.High seasonDecemberMost renowned time to fly v an median 23% rise in price.Average price round-trip$158(avg. Price over the last 2 weeks)Good deal round-trip$78or lessGood deal one-way$48or less

Top tips for finding a cheap flight

in search of a cheap flight? 25% of our users found flights ~ above this path for $48 or less one-way and also $78 or much less round-trip. The cheapest flight from mountain Jose to las Vegas was uncovered 12 days before departure, top top average. publication at the very least 1 week before departure in order to get a below-average price. High season is taken into consideration to it is in November, December and January. The cheapest month to paris is July. Morning exit is approximately 328% an ext expensive 보다 an evening flight, top top average*. due to the fact that of the brief distance between the two locations, it is not an overwhelming to find direct flights from mountain José to ras Vegas. Delta airline is a popular selection that provides above-average legroom, while Southwest airline provides complimentary snacks and checked baggage. If you have actually some time come kill before boarding your flight from mountain José to las Vegas, take the Airport public Art program Audio tour in Terminals A and also B the Norman Y. Mineta san José international Airport. This cost-free tour enables travelers to learn around local artists and also see a selection of sculptures, paintings, and also drawings. to stretch her legs after ~ your flight lands, head to one of the paris Fit walking paths that are located in every terminal that McCarran worldwide Airport. Each walking route is roughly a mile long and they permit guests to get active before heading come baggage claim or their last destination. because that those the would favor to unwind and also relax prior to boarding your flight, shot out among the massage chairs that are situated in Norman Y. Mineta mountain José international Airport. These chairs take both coins and credit cards, and also their strength and also speed can be regulated by the user. McCarran international Airport has actually a selection of unique stores and also boutiques, making that a popular place to shop. Apricot roadway Boutique offers a large selection of clothing items and also accessories, while Brighton Collectibles has actually handmade leather goods. Liquid Cove is good for anyone through a sweet tooth, together it enables customers come personalize their own chocolates.
*Average of the lowest prices presented in’s search results for departures within the following 30 days

FAQs for booking flights from san Jose to ras Vegas

i m sorry airlines have a versatile cancellation plan for flights from mountain Jose to las Vegas due to COVID-19?

Southwest has actually waived its adjust and cancellation fees on flights from mountain Jose to las Vegas. Confirm policy on booking site.

What dining choices are over there at Norman Y. Mineta san José global Airport?

Norman Y. Mineta mountain José global Airport has numerous dining options, varying from an intricate restaurants come casual to-go options. Accessibility Point is a laidback sports bar the serves American-style food and is located in Terminal A, while Le Boulanger offers basic sandwiches and is discovered in Terminal B.

does Norman Y. Mineta mountain José international Airport have any kind of pet relief areas?

there are numerous pet relief areas located outside the main terminals that Norman Y. Mineta san José global Airport. Each of these areas is gated, contains man-made grass, has trash cans, and also provides owners with free waste removal bags.

does McCarran international Airport have any amenities because that children?

If you space traveling through children, make certain to bring them to the kids’ play area the is located near the D entrances of McCarran global Airport. This aviation-themed beat area consists of a selection of brightly fancy murals, one interactive control tower, and educational activities, permitting kids to be entertained and also burn turn off some energy at the exact same time.

What are some great hotels near McCarran worldwide Airport?

The Tropicana is a popular casino and also hotel that is situated a 10-minute drive from McCarran worldwide Airport and a 15-minute drive from the most famous sights ~ above the Strip, such together the Bellagio. The work Inn by Wyndham is a budget-friendly option that is a 9-minute drive from the airport and also a 2-minute walk native the closest bus stop.

how long go a flight from mountain Jose to ras Vegas take?

direct flights take it on average 3h 24m to take trip the 386 miles in between San Jose and also Las Vegas.

How numerous flights room there between San Jose and Las Vegas?

There are 12 sewage flights per day traveling from mountain Jose to ras Vegas, for an median of 85 flights per week.

i beg your pardon airlines administer the cheapest flights from mountain Jose to las Vegas?

In the critical 72 hours, the cheapest one-way ticket from mountain Jose to ras Vegas discovered on was through Delta for $77. American airlines proposed a round-trip link from $153 and Alaska airlines from $171.

carry out I need a passport to fly between San Jose and Las Vegas?

A passport is not required to fly from mountain Jose to las Vegas.

what’s the cheapest work of the week to paris from mountain Jose to las Vegas?

once flying from mountain Jose to ras Vegas, girlfriend should consider leaving top top a Saturday and also avoid Sundays if girlfriend are looking for the finest rates. Because that your go back to San Jose, you’ll find the finest rates on Tuesdays and the many expensive people on Wednesdays.

i beg your pardon airports will I it is in using once flying from san Jose to las Vegas?

san Jose airplane is called San Jose and the just airport in las Vegas is las Vegas McCarran.

exactly how does uncover such low prices on flights from san Jose to ras Vegas? is a take trip search engine. That method we look throughout the web to uncover the finest prices us can find for ours users. With over 2 billion trip queries handle yearly, we room able to display screen a range of prices and alternatives on flights from mountain Jose to ras Vegas.

just how does"s trip Price projection tool help me pick the best time to buy my flight ticket from mountain Jose to ras Vegas?’s flight Price forecast tool uses historic data to determine whether the price because that a trip to ras Vegas from mountain Jose is most likely to change within 7 days, for this reason travelers know whether to wait or book now.

What is the Hacker Fare alternative on flights from mountain Jose to las Vegas?

Hacker Fares permit you to combine one-way tickets in order to conserve you money over a timeless round-trip ticket. You could then fly to ras Vegas with an airline and ago to san Jose with one more airline.

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What is"s "flexible dates" feature and why need to I care when trying to find a flight from mountain Jose to ras Vegas?

occasionally travel dates aren"t set in stone. If your wanted travel dates have part wiggle room, flexible days will display you every the options when flying to las Vegas from mountain Jose up to 3 job before/after your wanted dates. You deserve to then choose the flights that suit friend best.