The Frenchman to be surprisingly sweet about their marital relationship – regardless of his vault cheating accusations

Cheryl's estranged husband Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini has actually officially damaged his quiet over your split, simply weeks after ~ reports emerged from his camp that he'd accused Cheryl that cheating ~ above him through Liam Payne.

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Speaking to The Mirror, JB confessed he'd also already moved top top to an additional relationship due to the fact that the pair broke up in the direction of the finish of 2015.

"It's been a tough year, I'm make the efforts to move on. I'll never think bad of her. She is a good girl," he claimed of Cheryl.


Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and also Jean-Bernard return to Cannes one year on!
Which sound lovely, doesn't it. Except… Remember when he hit out at Cheryl in April via some resources who said he was specialized to saving his marriage? and was all yet accusing Cheryl of having actually two-timed him and also Liam during her X Factor stint? heat remembers. heat constantly remembers.

The restaurateur likewise claimed he hadn't even heard the the girls Aloud singer before they first met, also though they made decision to gain married just three month later.


Cheryl and also Jean-Bernard married in mystery earlier this month
"I fell in love, what might I do? ns didn't understand Cheryl was well known when i met her. Ns was having a party at my home in southern Africa and she turn up, but I didn't understand who she was. I constantly go for an extremely beautiful women," Jean-Bernard went on.

Still, it's pretty to it is in nice.

But the wasn't done there – JB then revealed that he's acquired a new lady in his life.


"I'm still a married man, however there is who else," he admitted.

So that is it? Pamela Anderson, who JB was seen leaving a Cannes hotspot with last week? Or Vanessa Perroncel, a friend of Cheryl's, who's likewise been connected to him?

Er, no.

"I'm not going out v Vanessa, I've recognized her because that ten years and she has a boyfriend. Me and also Pamela are good friends. She is a an excellent girl. Us were additionally with Paris Hilton the night. Just because you space out with someone, doesn't average you are in a relationship," included JB.

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True dat, pal.

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