USA Network premieres one all-new Season 4 episode the their fact show/comedy, Chrisley knows Best. In Episode 4, Savannah, Todd and Julie Chrisley will feeling the consequences of Lights, Camera, Chase.

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As a transfer journalism, follow isn"t excited around his classes but he has an interview for an internship. Todd doesn"t think his child will stick come one thing and also fail. Todd do the efforts to offer his son tips for the interview as follow drives to his interview.

Julie and also Faye invest time with each other at a pizzeria. The two are enamored through the handsome waiter. Faye also asks the waiter if he has a girlfriend or a grandfather. During his interview, Todd barges right into the room, making points awkward.

In the car, Todd is proud that they acquired the job. At hoe, Julie attempts come teach Faye just how to speak Italian. The 3 cannot save on computer themselves together Faye just about mispronounces every Italian word.

During his internship, chase tries to lug the talent to set. The talent wake up to be wildlife pets from the zoo. He has to feed and also clean them before cameras begin rolling. Chase is unable to avoid the kangaroo native hopping off the set.

Julie then invites the waiter come the house to meet with Faye and Savannah. The waiter tries to teach Faye just how to roll with the r"s yet Savannah and also her mommy burst the end laughing. Todd is soon jealous as soon as he meets v the waiter.

Todd is shocked come hear the his mom is visiting Italy. The waiter is even much more happy to it is in her tour guide. Establish his mom is setting up a European vacation to accomplish with a man, Todd kicks the waiter the end the front door. Todd and also his mom struggle v pronouncing the waiter"s name, Enrico.

Chase cannot stand his father, who wants to know exactly how he"s doing in ~ the internship. Chase wants out the the internship yet he doesn"t desire his dad to realize exactly how unhappy that is.

Faye is reunited with Enrico again at a coffee shop. Enrico introduces Faye come his grandfather through Facetime. The 2 actually share a enthusiasm for poker.

As the hold of "Chase On," follow debates around helicopter parenting v his guests, which includes Savannah. ~ listening to what his children say abut him,Todd interrupts and sits on the show. Also though your father interrupted, Chase and Savannah think they pulled out a an excellent show.

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In the bedroom, Todd is proud the his child taking the initiative. Chase refuses to think Todd is the Ed McMahon come his Johnny Carson.