\"There are only two sentence to say about a bra,\" Mad Men alum Christina Hendricks called The Guardian



Christina Hendricks is opening up around having to repetitively endure questions around her undergarments during her time ~ above Mad Men.

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In a current interview v The Guardian, the star — that was nominated for a full of six Emmys because that her role as Joan Holloway ~ above the AMC period drama — reflected on how, in spite of her \"hard work\" top top the series, she was constantly asked around her bra.

\"There absolutely was a time once we were very critically acclaimed, and getting a the majority of attention because that our very good work and our really hard work, and everyone simply wanted to ask me about my bra again,\" stated Hendricks, 46.

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Christina Hendricks together Joan top top Mad males


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The previous model likewise discussed sexism and sexual harassment in Hollywood indigenous a general standpoint, saying, \"Boy, do you think everyone in the entertainment sector comes the end unscathed and not objectified?\"

\"I don't know one musician or one design or one gibbs who has actually escaped that,\" Hendricks added. \"I have had actually moments — no on Mad Men; on various other things — where princetoneclub.org have actually tried come take advantage of me, use my body in a method I wasn't comfortable with, sway me or coerce me or professionally dead me: 'If you took your work-related seriously, friend would carry out this … ' \"

Because of her modeling background, the actress \"knew to immediately get ~ above the phone and also go, 'Uh oh, trouble,' \" she explained of her own experience.

\"That's wherein it's very much a job,\" Hendricks told The Guardian. \"We should talk come the producers and handle this professionally.\"


The Good Girls actress previously addressed comments about her body ago in 2011, confirming that her breasts to be real however admitting she was perplexed that the question even came up.

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\"It's for this reason bizarre the princetoneclub.org space constantly asking if my breasts are genuine or fake,\" she called the Daily Mail's You magazine in ~ the time. \"They're so obviously actual that anyone who's ever before seen or touched a breast would know.\"

After being educated that more British ladies were acquiring breast augmentations at the time to look more voluptuous, Hendricks stated she was an instance of the opposite.

\"If there's something to it is in learned indigenous me it's the I'm discovering to storage what ns was born with, even though it's occasionally been inconvenient,\" she shared. \"Having larger breasts has actually made that harder because that me to shop transparent the years, however I've learned come love it.\"

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