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Cousin Eddie and the Griswolds are now as iconic among American Christmas society as Frosty the Snowman. In fact, most of united state hold all of the characters from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation close come our hearts. After ~ all, we all have a Cousin Eddie or one Aunt Bethany in ours family. And Ellen and Clark absolutely portray all too well the ongoing husband-wife conflict surrounding the tension of a “good old-fashioned family Christmas.”

But also if you’ve watched the movie dozens of times, over there are number of moments — or Easter eggs — you may have actually missed.

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Here space eight amazing Christmas Vacation moment that will make your suffer watching this movie even funnier than before.

1. Why room there hills in Illinois?

The Griswolds live in Chicago. Illinois is literally, scientifically, the flattest state in the united States. So unless Clark and Ellen drive their children several hours to a hilly location in Wisconsin, this opening scene makes no sense geographically. However hey, climate again, Clark go to extreme lengths to have actually the perfect Christmas throughout the rest of the movie. Why no an 11-hour drive to pick out the Griswold household Christmas tree?

2. The dude ~ above People Magazine is the movie’s director.

We constantly wondered that the arbitrarily “old timey” lookin’ male was on the sheathe of Clark’s newspaper while lying in bed v Ellen. Now we know the cover boy is in reality a little cameo through Jeremiah Chechik, the movie’s director. In fact, Christmas Vacation to be his very first movie.


5. Eddie’s “nice surprise” in ~ Wal-Mart.

There’s more than one noticeable beast of destruction in Christmas Vacation, and in this Wal-Mart scene, Cousin Eddie keeps piling ~ above the dog food, damaging Clark’s light bulbs in the process. Blink and also you’ll miss it.

6. Yes an ode come Walley World.

While Eddie’s son is being trained in “carnival” and also Clark wants to leaving them all for dead, at least they can take lull in the reality they’re drinking your eggnog out of Walley world glasses. The moose cups space a recommendation to the Griswold’s an initial Vacation movie. And wouldn’t the be impossible to be in the worst of the atmosphere while drinking sugary milk punch out of a moose head?

7. Eddie’s turtleneck is fairly somethin’.

There’s an additional hidden gem in the same scene. If girlfriend look closely, you can see the Eddie’s black color turtleneck, underneath his beige sweater, has cutoff sleeves. As well cheap come afford a new, complete turtleneck? Or walk he cut off the sleeves to be trailer park chic?

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8. Christmas Vacation actually never gets come Christmas.

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It’s okay. This blew our minds also when us realized it. The entire movie takes location over approximately two weeks in December and also never provides it to Christmas morning. The last scene, sewer gas explosion and also all, wake up on Christmas Eve.

“Play ball!”

Josh Helmuth is a sports reporter in St. Louis that contributes come His dad proud considers self the “Cousin Eddie the the family.”