I"m posting this since the princetoneclub.org in other threads utterly miss the problem and their options won"t help.

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Sometimes, when using the computer mouse on Chrome, it will certainly Go back a web page for no apparent reason. This has just led to me to lose multiple hours of writing.

This is not resulted in by a virus: restarting the computer, purging the cache, downloading and install antivirus software application won"t perform anything. The factor is, ns don"t think it"s straight causing that to go back: i think the Windows periodically misinterprets input indigenous the mouse and also so "left click" becomes "right click instantly followed by a left click". You deserve to test it for yourself, that results in girlfriend Going back because that"s the top choice of the drop-down menu on Chrome.

So I have actually two questions:

-How have the right to I deal with Window"s input of mine mouse?


-How have the right to I adjust the Chrome dropdown menu so the the top option is less consequential. I"m ailing of this but I particularly don"t desire to lose hours of creating again.

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Greg Carmack - windows MVP 2010-2020
replied on July 26, 2020

Hi Loic. I"m Greg, an environment specialist, 10 year awarded home windows MVP, and also Volunteer Moderator, below to help you.Have girlfriend tried an additional mouse, simply to dominion out the the computer mouse is at error - which is unlikely if it only happens in Chrome.

You also mention the appropriate click context food selection which does cause known worries in windows 10, regularly fixed by curbing problems caused by add-ins, i beg your pardon in this situation could also be Chrome:

Troubleshooting ideal Click issues Caused by shell Extensions

If not this confirms it"s a Chrome concern so let"s carry out what is understand to fix most Chrome problems in home windows 10:Reset Chrome adhering to this guide: https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-reset-google-ch...If the doesn"t settle it then Reinstall Chrome: ideal click north area of job bar to open Task manager​. If essential show much more Details Under "Processes," look for "Google Chrome" or "chrome.exe." Click it, climate click finish process. Then enter C:\Program Files and also C:\Program papers (86) to discover the Google folder and delete the Chrome Folder.You may need to take it Ownership very first using this handy device that will certainly install come your right click mouse button:https://www.askvg.com/add-take-ownership-option...On the see tab of record Explorer then tick concealed Files, open up C:\Program Data to do the same.Go into Start > Windows settings (gear icon) > Apps > Apps & attributes > Google Chrome > Uninstall.Restart pc to reinstall Chrome from new download here: https://www.google.com/chrome/I expect this helps. Feel totally free to ask ago any questions and also let us know how it goes. Ns will save working with you until it"s resolved.______________________________________________ conventional Disclaimer: there are links to non-princetoneclub.org websites. The pages appear to be providing accurate, for sure information. Watch the end for ads top top the website that may advertise products frequently classified as a PUP (Potentially undesirable Products). Extensively research any product advertised top top the sites prior to you decision to download and install it.

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_________________Windows MVP 2010-20Millions aided via my tutorials and personally in forums because that 12 years. Now an elevation Advisor.I perform not quit for those who are polite and cooperative.
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