Cold Hands, warm Heart Meaning

Definition: A summary of someone that does not outwardly present feelings but, inwardly, is really kind and loving.

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This phrase is supplied to describe another person—perhaps a stern boss that is caring ~ above the inside. 

This may be said around any person who is secretly emotional or caring. It defines a human who does not appear to it is in sentimental top top the outside yet secretly does acts of kindness.

Origin of Cold Hands, warmth Heart

The expression has been in use because that years, and it’s definition is quite clear.

Cold and warm space both supplied figuratively to refer to unwelcoming and also welcoming people, respectively.

If someone is said to be a “cold” individual, he is not welcoming. He could be emotionally distant, or her could seem to no care about others feelings.

If someone is stated to it is in a “warm” individual, that is welcoming. He has a satisfied personality the attracts those approximately him.

This speak pits these 2 ideas against each other by speak that since someone has a cold exterior appearance (a cold hand), this go not median that he doesn’t likewise have a warmth heart.

This is similar to speak “don’t judge a publication by that cover.” One’s external actions or the means one gift oneself may not be the same as the method one behaves in private.

The phrase may have come native German, as there is an identical German saying: kalte hand, warmes herz.

Examples of Cold Hands, heat Heart

Here is an instance dialogue of 2 employees utilizing this expression to talk about their boss.

Christie: Our ceo is so mean. He doesn’t care around any the us.

Steve: he pays us pretty an excellent actually. I think he simply seems distant.

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Christie: maybe you’re right. This is a great job, and also we execute have good benefits.

Steve: i think the is a classic case of cold hands, warmth heart. The cares around all that deep down; he just doesn’t show it all the time.

One may likewise say this of a human being who does no kiss or host hands in public however makes cool romantic gestures come his partner once in private.

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This saying refers to someone who does not present his or her feelings outwardly however is a caring person on the inside. In other words, not mirroring feelings go not denote lack of feelings.


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