From Princess Fiona to miss out on Piggy, the ”American horror Story“ star has collection a high bar with his creative costumes

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After over half a te of outrageous Halloween costumes, gibbs Colton Haynes ("Glee," "The Flash") take it on his biggest change project yet: miss Piggy. Through two days" precious of occupational behind the look, he sought to height every costume he"s done in the past. take away a look earlier at his history of an innovative costumes and also multiple look at over the past five years. 


Back in 2011, Haynes hung out v "Teen Wolf" co-star and also fellow CW superhero, Tyler Hoechlin, together he dressed as Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.


Haynes stepped his video game up in 2012, decking the end in all white together albino Jeremy Reed native the film "Powder." 

Also the year, Haynes snagged a kids" Nemo costume come celebrate the announcement of animated sequel "Finding Dory."

Haynes" 2013 duo, Merv and Marg, baffled fans v their origin. That"s since they basically have actually none: they"re simply funny old folks the he made up for Halloween. 

As the year went on, the prosthetics got even much more insane. Haynes stepped increase his game as Princess Fiona indigenous "Shrek" in 2014.

There to be plenty of bad unfortunate souls to torture ~ above Halloween the 2015. Haynes went all out together Ursula the Seawitch native "The small Mermaid" with one more team of makeup artists. 

After a year of drama, break-ups and make-ups, miss out on Piggy had been laying low and getting she career in order. Therefore Haynes went to an excellent lengths to let the long-time diva understand that he"s still reasoning of her. The costume"s total work time to be over two days, which had the molding that prosthetics and hours the application. With an included gigantic fake chest, Haynes" Halloween watch stole the night once again in 2016. 

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Haynes" outfits can be taken into consideration cartoonish, but in 2017 that took the literally v a Marge Simpson outfit finish with a prosthetic face. 

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