In Noah\"s first interview speaking about his future hosting write-up on the \"Daily Show,\" Seinfeld speak the comedian, \"You\"re gonna do just fine.\"


Incoming daily Show host Trevor young name was Jerry Seinfeld‘s passenger ~ above the latest installment of Comedians in Cars getting Coffee.

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During Wednesday night’s episode, the comedian shared his first reaction to gift offeredJon Stewart‘s hosting seat on The day-to-day Show, a job he never ever imagined he would be considered for.

“I was like, ‘Who’s gonna gain the job?’ … Jon announces he’s leaving — that throws anyone off. Due to the fact that Jon does what no one appears to do and also that’s leave when the time is right,” young name said, prompting Seinfeld to ask why Stewart didn’t select to remain for the upcoming presidential election, the “juiciest time” for any political comedy show.

“He’s acquired an 8-year-old and also a 10-year-old. It’s the juiciest time in your lives,” noah replied.


The south Africa-born comedian revealed the he was overseas in Dubai once he gained the offer contact from his manager.

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“I’m literally driving in the middle of the night and also my phone call rings and my manager says, ‘How would you choose to be the hold of the Daily Show?’ I obtain out the car, and I didn’t have actually legs,” that recalled. “You recognize in those movies whereby there’s an explosion? however instead of the sound the the explosion, friend hear the silence. That’s precise what happened. And then the worst point is, you’re in Dubai, which is just one of the hardest places in the human being to find a drink.”

When the was ultimately able to pull himself together, noah remembered thinking, ‘Let’s uncover a drink in this Muslim Middle-Eastern country. Also if we’re getting arrested, this is worth it. Let’s obtain that drink.’


Noah also shared just how he controlled to maintain a career in comedy, despite growing up in south Africa during a time when cost-free speech to be illegal.

Said Seinfeld, “You’re gonna do just fine. You are a purebred. Despite your mixed ethnic heritage, your comedic legacy is an extremely purebred.”