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GettyDavante Adams #17 of the environment-friendly Bay Packers runs for yards ~ a record during the NFC Divisional Playoff game versus the Los Angeles Rams in ~ Lambeau ar on January 16, 2021 in environment-friendly Bay, Wisconsin. The Packers defeated the Rams 32-18.

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Green just Packers wide receiver Davante Adams will certainly be getting much more than one possibility to shine in prime time this week.

Before the eco-friendly Bay Packers take it on the Detroit Lions for Monday Night soccer in week 2, Adams will make his debut as the new NFL spokesperson because that Courtyard by Marriott, the official hotel the the NFL, through his very first commercial spot collection to air throughout the broadcast of the Thursday Night football game between the brand-new York Giants and the Washington football Team.

The advertising — referred to as “The Catch” — attributes Adams showing off the pass-catching skills that aided him earn All-Pro honors and etch his name into the Packers’ franchise record publications during the 2020 season. The finished critical season v 115 receptions because that 1,374 yards and 18 touchdowns throughout 14 regular-season games.

“It way a lot,” Adams called of acquiring to star in his an initial commercial. “I’m sort of favor Kobe , I’ve constantly wanted to be remembered as the finest to execute it at what ns do. … It simply shows the job-related that I’ve put in, and also the meeting I’ve had actually to my handmade is reflecting through. People beginning to acknowledge it is cool, and it’s exciting to present everybody why castle should have actually been speak this for a while.”

Check out very early look in ~ Adams’ brand-new commercial prior to it airs below:

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Adams Proud to stand for NFL, Courtyard

During his interview with, Adams spoke about his brand-new partnership through Courtyard through Marriott and also the return that the Courtyard Super bowl Sleepover Contest, a promotion that will allow one lucky fan and also a guest to wake up up on the morning that the Super bowl inside SoFi stadium in Inglewood, California.

Fans can go into for a possibility to victory by share their many memorable stories about how your passions because that football and also travel have intertwined, share it on social media through the hashtag: #CourtyardSuperBowlContest. Members that the Marriott Bonvoy moment platform can also redeem their Marriott Bonvoy reward points for a range of other NFL experiences throughout the season, including access to NFL kickoff celebrations and unique packages pertained to Super key LVI, which will certainly be play on February 13, 2022.

“When I had the chance to perform this and found out that the sleepover challenge was back, ns was excited to be working with them and also put a product out there that human being would reap watching during games,” Adams said. “To understand my name will certainly be up because that Courtyard through Marriott … and also for every these commercials, it’s a great experience come have.”

Adams isn’t the an initial current Packers player to gain some commercial or TV time external of the game. Veteran quarterback and also reigning NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers has actually been starring in commercials because that State farm for numerous years now, consisting of his newest one that features him together “an aspiring singer/songwriter through his bandmates.”

Packers left tackle David Bakhtiari also got the chance to guest star in the movie “Pitch Perfect 2” alongside former teammates Clay Matthews, T.J. Lang, Don Barclay and Josh Sitton. As soon as asked if his football buddies had any kind of acting tips because that him, though, Adams do it clear he isn’t the one doing the learning.

“I’ve been coaching castle up,” Adams joked.

Adams placing Week 1 lose Behind Packers

Of course, while fans will acquire to check out Adams in action during commercials breaks on Thursday night and other video game days throughout the season, the Packers’ No. 1 vast receiver will be liven putting all of his focus on the an obstacle that awaits him and his teammates this Monday night versus the Lions.

The Packers to be absolutely clobbered in their season opener against the brand-new Orleans Saints last Sunday together Jameis Winston threw for 5 touchdowns and also sent the highly-touted Packers back home with a 38-3 lose on the ledger. When Adams caught a team-high 5 passes because that 56 yards, the did small to take far the sting the the blowout loss.

Don’t mean Adams or the Packers come spend much time lamenting your failures, though.

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“It’s not really indicative the the team we have,” Adams said, referencing just how Tampa Bay shed by the exact same margin (38-3) come the Saints in main 9 last season before going on come beat lock in the NFC divisional ring of the playoffs and also win the super Bowl. “Everybody top top this team realizes this. Stuff happens and also it’s a lengthy season, so we’ll be able to bounce back.”

Adams is a huge part of the bounce-back process, and not just because he is among the Packers’ most efficient weapons ~ above offense. Together an eight-year veteran in the NFL, Adams acts together a player-coach in the wideout room and does his finest to impart wisdom upon few of his younger teammates, especially when it concerns the receiving an approach that that has operated so difficult mastering because that himself.

“It’s a balance in between me and the wideout coaches to gain those guys right,” Adams said. “But we’ve gained a mature room. I don’t need to do any type of of what ns call large dogging, trying to make people feel a certain type of way. They deserve to coach themselves at this allude considering just how consistently we space on them. I definitely do a great deal of coaching in the room, but it’s more technique.”