Crown Of Success oil is used in spell work intended to bring a successful and favourable outprincetoneclub.orgme

The oil is hand blended by our princetoneclub.orgven, to our own recipe, using dried organic herbs, woods, flowers and 100% pure essential oils in a quality base. The oil is charged with Aventurine crystal

The oil princetoneclub.orgmes in a 10ml labelled glass bottle with pippette dropper.

Suggested uses:

To dress spell candlesTo annoint crystalsAdd to charm pouch blendsAdd to herbal blends used in spell work

Our Crown Of Success Recipe Includes: (full recipe not disclosed)

Frankincense Essential Oil (100% Pure)Frankincense ResinSandalwood chips Bay Essential OilCrushed Bay leaves VetiverCharged Aventurine Crystal Chips


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