The Cuisinart's Burr Grind & Brew DGB-900BC was the only maker we experiment that available a integrated grinder. Us loved the fresh of our coffee grinds yet thought the the maker had a many moving parts that made that more complex to use and also clean. The carafe was hard to acquire the last little bit of water or coffee out of, and also the brew temperature we taped was reduced than the 195°-205°F range recommended through the SCAA. That being said, this is convenient if you desire coffee brewed from freshly ground beans and a unit the is highly programmable. Because that $200, though, we think other options give girlfriend a far better tasting cup the coffee.

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You can compare the Cuisinart Burr Grind & Brew heat 12-Cup automatic Coffeemaker to various other coffee devices in the Coffee an equipment Review.




Coffee brewed in ~ optimal time/temperature; SCAA certified; great warranty; brew-through lid and also internal mix tube
Coffee brewed at optimal time/temperature; SCAA certified; programmable; has pre-infusion step; brew-through lid has internal mix tube

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Performance ComparisonBrewing Quality

The Cuisinart Burr Grind & Brewer utilizes automatic drip brewing technology. It delivers fresh ground coffee directly into the brew basket. However, if you choose to use pre-ground coffee, friend can choose the "Grind-Off" option. Throughout our test, us let the machine grind our beans and collection the amount for a full 12-cup carafe. The grinding lasted 40 seconds and also is noisy sufficient to wake you up. Although that was difficult to assess the brew temperature, we found that the coffee decanting from the brew basket mid-cycle was 175°F. The coffee flows through the lid directly into the stainless steel thermal carafe. The brew time was about 9 minutes and also there to be a low tone to indicate when the brew bike finished. The temperature that the coffee in the carafe immediately after unavoidable was 168°F, and after one hour the sitting to be 163°.

Although that was challenging to measure up the brew temperature, the hottest temperature we measured was mid-cycle in ~ 175°F.
Taste check Results

The Cuisinart Burr Grind & Brew ranked 8th the end of 10 makers in our blind coffee taste test. Us asked 31 coffee drinkers to price samples of black coffee on overall taste, flavor, body, acidity, and also color. The DGB-900BC was not a standout, and performed poorly in the all at once taste category. Its greatest marks were for flavor, body, and also color. Come learn much more about exactly how we tested the Cuisinart Burr Grind & Brew versus other coffee makers, please check out our how We test section.

Design Quality

Overall, we assumed that the Cuisinart Burr Grind & Brew was well designed and constructed v high high quality materials. We preferred the thermal carafe design, yet found the carafe was tough to empty completely when us were pour it until it is full up the water tank and pouring the last bits of coffee.

Ease of set Up and also Clean Up

Once you gain the hang of programming the Cuisinart, every you have to do is to water in some beans and you are prepared to begin brewing. As straightforward as it was to use, this an equipment was more challenging to clean since of the integrated bean storage and also Burr grinder. With that said, the brew basket is upper-rack dishwasher-safe.

Bonus Features

The Cuisinart DGB-900BC is a self-contained brewer that boasts every the bells and whistles any coffee enthusiast can hope for. V a capacity of 2 - 12 cup (10oz - 60oz), it deserve to be programmed to start brewing at a details time making use of the digital clock top top the LCD display screen screen, and it attributes an automatic off as well. You have the right to also readjust the "Grind Control" knob to choose the amount of coffee you desire to grind, and also the "Strength Control" button to choose the brew strength (mild, medium, or strong). Though not recommended, the Cuisinart offers a "brew pause" function for those who can't wait to pour that an initial cup of coffee. That is argued that the brew avoid be involved for no much more than 20 secs to avoid overflow indigenous the brew basket.

In terms of filters, you deserve to either usage the commercial-grade, gold Tone flat bottom filter that comes v your maker or a disposable #4 basket-style record filter. The water reservoir is easily easily accessible for refilling and has a clear water level window for exact measuring. In ~ the reservoir is a replaceable charcoal water filter that clears chlorine, odors, and also other impurities indigenous the water.

Best Uses

The Cuisinart Burr Grind & Brew thermal is best if you like your bean ground just prior to your coffee is brewed. In addition, every the programming choices are a pretty bonus.


At $200, this Cuisinart is expensive. You do acquire a 3-year limited warranty attached come the product, which helps through the value, yet we think a few other alternatives that us tested provide you an ext bang for her buck.


The Cuisinart DGB-900BC it is intended a really fresh cup the coffee, however, that comes with drawbacks. Ours taste testers weren't impressed v the actual taste that the coffee, and the machine is very loud and daunting to clean. Frankly, us felt favor for $200, you can do better for her money. That being said, we love the choice of freshly ground beans, the highly programmable settings, and every one of the various other bells and whistles. For an ext information about our award winners, you re welcome visit our Coffee maker Overview.

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$200SCAA Certified residence BrewerProgrammable
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