Security! This catfight simply turned right into a wild brawl. As the Sunday, Dec. 6, episode of The real Housewives of Atlanta opened, the tension between Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams had currently reached boiling point. (ICYMI, Porsha referred to as Cynthia a bitch and also then insisted she meant it as a ax of endearment, however Cynthia wasn’t buying it.) things were about to obtain ugly — yes, really ugly.

“We have had years that issues earlier and forth and also I’m walk to find out if this how it’s gonna all loss out,” Porsha shouted, as Cynthia blasted back, “This is just how you want to be? This is exactly how you want to be?” One thing led to another and the, um, “ladies” began pushing and also kicking each various other until crew members stepped in and also pulled lock apart. “She’s losing her husband! She’s lost businesses! she lost every little thing she has! and the bitch is top top a watercraft with me and also she desires me to shed everything!” Porsha wailed as she finished up pinned down on her back, she legs still flailing.

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“I’ve viewed this before. She’s like a rabid dog. This is a scary scene,” Kenya Moore — who had actually her very own physical altercation through Porsha in the previous — claimed to the camera, plainly feeling somewhat vindicated. She then flitted off to demand that the captain remove both Porsha and her friend, Shamea, from the boat. Meanwhile, Cynthia dubbed her husband, Peter Thomas, come ask him to come home. “Something happened,” she cried. “And that just acquired really the end of control.”

Baby procedures for Kandi and Todd

Having survived the watercraft brawl, Kandi Burruss headed to the doctor for an ultrasound of her farming baby. Throughout the visit, the mama-to-be and also her husband, Todd Tucker, were collection to suffer the magic the hearing your baby’s heartbeat. The only difficulty was that the expectant father stepped the end of the room to take it a call call and missed it. “We’ve gained to discover some balance,” Kandi lamented come the camera.

Todd did make it ago in time to view the ultrasound picture on the screen long sufficient to mistake miscellaneous body parts (the umbilical cord, the leg) for proof the their boy was a boy. “We space trying come speak into existence that it’s a boy,” Kandi laughed.

Kenya dram Peacemaker

For some reason that wasn’t fairly clear, Kenya decided to take Cynthia and Porsha’s potential reconciliation into her very own hands. The aspiring haircare entrepreneur got on the phone come tell Cynthia of her plans to hold a girls’ lunch to shot to smooth things over (which sounded like a destructive idea for about a exchange rate reasons). Oh, also, Kenya to plan to speak to Porsha separately first (which, again, sounded like a disastrous idea for about a exchange rate reasons).

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Because she’s not an idiot, Cynthia seemed skeptical the Kenya’s strategy would work, but because she felt “really awful” for exactly how she acted, she agreed. “I want to speak to she to take it responsibility,” Cynthia explained prior to conceding, “I may have overreacted.” (Insert replay that Cynthia pretty much drop-kicking Porsha across the deck here.)


Things acquired really ugly between Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams before they hugged and also made up on the Sunday, Dec. 6, illustration of The real Housewives the Atlanta. Wilford Harewood/Bravo/NBCU picture Bank

Then Kenya Stirs the Pot

And therefore Kenya and Porsha gained together. The did appear, at first, the Kenya was going to enable Porsha to speak her piece. “When I first got ~ above the boat, it seemed like we to be all having actually a great time,” Porsha explained. “But it just went come the left when you were taking shots at Shamea, and then she was asked off the boat.” Kenya listened together Porsha added, “I was upset due to the fact that the day started so positive and just go so an adverse so fast.”

Kenya didn’t miss a beat. “We had actually a instance before, a cook debate, and also things turned physical,” she reminded Porsha. Basically, Kenya simply wanted to suggest out that now Porsha was a repeat offender in state of gaining violent throughout fights — while she, Kenya, wasn’t. Porsha choose up top top the “got ya” vibe and also the conversation turned icy.

“I don’t trust you,” Porsha told Kenya, point-blank. “You nothing have any kind of compassion because that me, and I recognize that.” Still, Porsha wasn’t going come let Kenya’s passive-aggressive jibes prevent her native doing what she believed was right, and told the camera she would “give Cynthia a chance.”

Ladies that Lunch

Kim Fields, Sheree Whitfield, Kandi, Cynthia, and also Phaedra Parks (who had actually fortuitously missed the ill-fated boat ride due to the fact that she to be taking care of her sons) to be speechless when Porsha and also Kenya arrived on the luncheon together. However that wasn’t the just reason the ladies were less chatty 보다 usual.

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“I really don’t know what to say about my friendship v Phaedra anymore,” Kandi confessed come the camera. “We talked but I don’t understand if she is gift genuine about being able to relocate forward.” If history repeats itself, it’s most likely she’ll find out soon, one method or the other.

For she part, Cynthia easily admitted that she was “uncomfortable” and also “embarrassed” facing the girl again for the first time since she walk bonkers ~ above the boat.

In a surprising move, it was mild-mannered Kim who butted in to gain Cynthia and also Porsha talking. “If getting much more clarity is a component of moving forward, where are you?” Kim asked, prompting the two frenemies to go to one more room and find out.

Porsha and Cynthia Hug it Out

Once they had some privacy (well, except for the truth that the other women were every watching through a window), Porsha and also Cynthia wasted no time getting down to business. Cynthia looked genuinely concerned as she request Porsha exactly how she was.

“Just bruising, so i took a pair days turn off from work,” Porsha replied. “But emotionally, i was bothered by the situation.” Porsha grounding to her story that she’d intended “bitch” as a authorize of affection quite than an insult. “However that made friend feel, that was not my intentionally behind it,” she said. It wasn’t an really apology, yet it was apologetic sufficient that Cynthia relocated on.

“I came below today to apologize because that my component in it,” the Bailey firm owner said. “I had no expectation from you whatsoever.” they both i agree they to be glad they’d had this one-on-one and hugged it out, prompting applause native the women gathered outside.

When they returned to the table, Cynthia revealed a silver lining to this dark cloud. “I really feel favor it’s not only made my marital relationship stronger, it’s additionally in a weird way, made united state closer,” she explained. In other words, it sounds like Peter come through when she essential him most.