Where to dance in front of a bat statue, means above-ground pool, and also seat for giants in Fortnite


For this week"s challenges you must dance in front the Fortnite bat statue, way above-ground pool, and a seat for giants, which are spreview out across the map. You even must visit all 3 areas in the very same enhance for the prestige variation in the Fortnite Boogie Dvery own challenges, which is a challenging ask. Here"s all of the Fortnite places for the bat statue, method above-ground pool, and seat for giants.

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(Image credit: Epic Games)

As you deserve to check out on the map above, 2 of the places are quite near to one an additional, but the third? It"s on the opposite side of the map. Good luck reaching them all in one match! Here"s all 3 locations in information.

Fortnite bat statue location

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The bat statue is the place in the peak left, right in the heart of Haunted Hills. You"ll find it in the open, next to the best crypt and via a chest at the foot of it. Dance in front of it to check one off the list; we"d recommfinish Oarray Justice for the ultimate style.

There"s additionally a chance it can be the the same statue just up the hill at the decrepit castle. Both might work-related, or it could be either one. Just construct up to the mountain if the first one doesn"t!

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The method above-ground pool in Fortnite is a brand-new area that has just showed up newly. Well, type of. Do you remember the motel that supplied to be in between Junk Junction and also Lazy Links? Well it"s back, this time on peak of the floating island also which has returned toward the south of the map, in between Shifty Shafts and also Fatal Fields.

On optimal of the island also is the motel, finish with the old swimming pool. Hop in for a very dry swim because of the absence of water, and also dance your heart out.

Fortnite seat for giants location

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Finally, the Fortnite seat for giants is likewise very close to Shifty Shafts. Due south, at the side of the road by the truck speak is where you can uncover it, and it"s pretty hard to miss. It"s made entirely out of lumber, simply remember to climb on peak of it and also dance, not simply near it.

When you"ve done all three and also endured to the prestige challenge, obtain ready bereason you should carry out it again, just in one game. For that one, I"d recommend starting at the height by Haunted Hills then relocating southern. Good luck, and also make certain you examine out our guides to all the challenges in our Fortnite Missions page!

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