Dark Souls 2 players have the right to use the Fragrant Branch the Yore item to access brand-new areas or characters, and here is every time you can use it.

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transparent Dark Souls II, players will encounter petrified stone statues the will protect against them from advancing to a brand-new area, getting an item, or talk to critical NPC. To restore this statues, players should use the consumable item, the Fragrant Branch of Yore.

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Players have the right to find plenty of Fragrant Branches that Yore throughout the video game in chests, well-hidden areas, or sold by merchants. Over there are numerous locations in the video game where the player deserve to use it to accessibility different locations or NPCs. Note: these areas correlate come the Scholar the the first Sin version of the game.

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there is a statue prevent the final door in the game"s beginning area. Once players have a Branch, they can make their means back to things Betwixt and accessibility this area.

This tiny area has an Estus Flask Shard, i beg your pardon will rise the player"s use of Estus Flask"s and also a coffin that will let players adjust their gender.

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from the main hub area, players can walk toward the entrance of the Shaded Woods. Except they cannot as there is a frosting blocking their path. This is among the only petrified statues that has actually stayed regular from the game"s an initial version.

usage a Fragrant Branch to gain accessibility to this critical area and also Rosabeth that Melfia. She will sell pyromancies come the player as well as upgrade the Pyromancy Flame.

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After beating the Dragonrider boss, players deserve to descend come an secret passageway to No-man"s Wharf. However, prior to making their way to the following area, football player head come a second level native the flooded corridors to reclaim a statue.

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This permits players access to an additional Estus Flask Shard and a article armor set. Just make sure to watch the end for the Primal knight blocking the way.

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There room a couple of statues in the lost Bastille area. The first statue is in prior of the destroy Sentinels ceo room (a struggle that may require co-op). In fact, if players want to access this ceo fight, they should use a Fragrant Branch to go into the boss area.

The second is in a room that exploding hollows. Make sure not to touch them and also head to the cell v the petrified frosting in prior of it. Restoring it will certainly let players accessibility the Straid"s cell bonfire and talk come Straid of Olaphis, who can administer boss soul weapons.

football player can find the following petrified statue in the black Gulch. Right before entering The Rotten"s ceo area, turn right and also drop down to a ledge.

There will be a statue prevent a cavern entrance. Use a Fragrant Branch, death the enemy, and enter the cave. There will certainly be a mystery bonfire in this area that will assist players who perform not desire to endure the black color Gulch"s poison statues" wrath.

over there are several petrified statues put throughout the Shaded damages area. Players can uncover the an initial by jumping under from the Shaded damages bonfire. Dissolve the statue, hit the enemy and obtain the Fang Key. Players can find another in an open area surrounding by yellow vases. Kill the lion warrior to acquire the fix sorcery, 3 Bleeding Serums, and 3 Effigies.

one more lion warrior statue is in ~ the earlier of the Shaded Ruins. It will certainly drop the Warlock Mask after it is defeated. Next, head to the tunnel behind Manscorpion Tark, i m sorry will generate Vengral. Killing him will offer the player the Vengral armor set. Proceed, and find an additional lion warrior statue. Regain it to produce a shortcut earlier to the bridge. Continue inside the dilapidated structure to find one more statue blocking the way.

after the Demon of song boss fight, players can discover a small section of the Shrine of Amana before progressing come the following area, Undead Crypt. In this area, football player will discover a staircase that leads to a tower and also the rise of the Dead bonfire.

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However, there is a petrified statue blocking the way. Usage a Fragrant Branch to access the bonfire and the Fire that Nito, which will restore player"s humanity if they are hollow and have no effigies in their inventory. However, players should be hole to accessibility the door to get to the Fire the Nito.

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players can discover several statues in Aldia"s Keep. The an initial is in ~ the top of the second flight the stairs in the an initial area after entering the Keep. Dissolve the ogre statue, kill it, and drop the Dragon Acolyte Mask as soon as defeated.

The last two statues are on the greatest level of the store in former of the caged basilisk. The left statue will drop 2 bonfire ascetics, and the ideal will drop 2 Wilted Dusk Herbs and also two Elizabeth mushroom after they room killed.

The last petrified frostbite in the game is in the Dragon Aerie area. In the conventional version that the game, this frosting was no there. However, in the Scholar of the an initial Sin, it forces players to take it the alternate route.

overcome the an initial rope bridge and restore the statue. It will attack the player, but the opponent shouldn"t be also difficult. As soon as it is defeated, the player have the right to progress come the rest of the area.