Irish fans of Niall Horan might be in luck together the cutie revealed that he will marry an ireland girl!

The Mullingar star commemorated his 19th birthday in his hometown yesterday as soon as he teed off at the ireland Autism activity Golf Classic however he couldn’t stand up to speaking around matters that the heart.

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According come reports, Niall stated he doesn’t have actually time because that a girlfriend ideal now and also he couldn’t laze about on his days turn off if he had a mrs on his arm.

“Travelling roughly the world and also all the promo that we carry out – it no leave much time for a girlfriend.


Niall and also his One Direction tape mates after ~ winning an MTV VMA

“I’m not prefer the otprincetoneclub.orgs. Once I have time off, all I want to carry out is nothing. I simply sit ~ above the couch – like I’ve done because that the past three or four days in London.

“I only left the house once come go and buy a party of water. I just sat tprincetoneclub.orge, playing my guitar, placing my feet top top the table and also watching TV.

“That’s what I do with mine time off, when the boys choose to obtain out. But due to the fact that our resides are to run at 1000 miles an hour I shot to bring it back down.


“I try to see my friends yet that’s simpler to carry out than walk out with a girlfriend. I couldn’t be botprincetoneclub.orged and it’s pure laziness on my part."

Niall stated that although the doesn’t desire a girlfriend right now, he wishes to clear up down with an ireland girl in the future.

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Niall is rumoured to be see X variable USA referee Demi Lovato

“My target is come marry an ireland girl – I’d love to. I’d love come live back in Ireland if it ever before slows. I’d love to acquire a house and just clear up down.


“If I might work indigenous princetoneclub.orge i would. I’d live round princetoneclub.orge through in Mullingar – I’d never live anywprincetoneclub.orge else.”


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Rumours have actually surfaced in the past week saying that Niall is seeing X variable USA judge and former Disney Channel star Demi Lovato but he revealed the the also are just friends.

“Demi is really cool and we’re really an excellent friends. She’s very like me – she carefree and relaxed. It shocks me that we’re constantly called lovers.

“If friend Google among our names, every story is just about me one


“I laugh at these things. Simon phone call also pure to day me is Simon gift himself. He’s such a sneer."

One Direction has made the big, breaking right into the challenging American market and even choose up a MTV VMA last week but Niall said none of the boys expected the success.

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“Breaking the us was a huge shock because that us, and to do it so quickly was unreal. We just saw a gap and also never thought it to be going to end up prefer this.


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