Main difference – Axon vs Dendrite

Axon and dendrite room two contents of nerve cells. Nerve cells are the structural and functional systems of the nervous mechanism of animals. Lock transmit nerve impulses come the brain, spinal cord, and also to the body to coordinate the attributes of the body. One axon is a long conical prolongation that the cell human body of the nerve cell. Every nerve cell has actually an axon. The brief structures that prolong from the cell human body are referred to as dendrites. A single nerve cell has plenty of dendrites. The main difference in between axon and also dendrite is that axon dead nerve impulses far from the cell body whereas dendrites carry nerve impulses from synapses to the cabinet body.

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1. What is an Axon – Definition, Characteristics, Function 2. What is a Dendrite – Definition, Characteristics, Function 3. What space the Similarities in between Axon and also Dendrite – synopsis of typical Features 4. What is the Difference in between Axon and also Dendrite – compare of crucial Differences

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What is one Axon

An axon is single, long projection that a nerve cell. Axons bring nerve impulses away from the cabinet body. The membrane that covers the axon is referred to as the axolemma. Axoplasm is the cytoplasm of the axon. Axons room branched at their terminal ends. The tips of the branched end are developed by telodendria. The axon terminals room the swollen ends of the telodendria. The axon terminals form the synaptic link with a dendron of an additional neuron or with an effector organ. The membrane that the axon terminal is linked to the membrane that the target cell. Vesicles the contain neurotransmitters are current in the axon terminals to transmit the nerve impulses by method of chemical signals v the synaptic gap. The axon hillock is the early stage segment of one axon. That initiates the activity potential. A cross-section of one axon is displayed in figure 1.


Figure 1: Axon cross section 1 – Axon, 2 – cell core of the Schwann cell, 3 – Schwann cell, 4 – Myelin sheath

The two species of axons space myelinated axons and also non-myelinated axons. The myelin sheath develops an insulation top top the axon to rise the speed of transmission of nerve impulses v the axon. This kind of transmission of nerve impulses is referred to as saltatory conduction. Schwann cells secrete myelin on the axons the the peripheral nervous system. Oligodendrocytes secrete myelin on the axons of the main nervous system. Myelinated axons space white in colour. The gaps in the myelin sheath are called the nodes that Ranvier. The white issue of the brain and the spinal cord is written of myelinated axons. 

What is a Dendrite

A dendrite is a short-branched extension, i m sorry carries nerve impulses to the cell human body from the synapses. Countless dendrites are extended from a solitary cell body of a nerve cell. Dendrites are extremely branched structures. This highly-branched nature increases the surface area that can receive signal from the synapses. Dendrites and also axons the nerve cell are displayed in figure 2.


Figure 2: Dendrites and Axons

Dendrites own tapering ends. Since dendrites are quick projections, they are not myelinated.

Similarities in between Axon and also Dendrite

Both axon and dendrite are projections the the cell human body of a nerve cell.Both axon and dendrite transmit nerve impulses.Both axon and dendrite are branched structures.Both axon and dendrite contain neurofibrils.

Difference between Axon and also Dendrite


Axon: Axon is the long thread-like component of a nerve cell which conducts nerve impulses away from the cell body.

Dendrite: Dendrite is the short branched extension of a nerve cell, i beg your pardon transmits nerve impulses come the cell body from synapses.


Axon: A nerve cell has only one axon.

Dendrite: A nerve cabinet has numerous dendrites.


Axon: An axon occurs from a conical projection called axon hillock.

Dendrite: Dendrites arise directly from the nerve cell.


Axon: Axons are very long (several meters).

Dendrite: Dendrites are really short (around 1.5 mm).


Axon: Axons have actually a uniform diameter.

Dendrite: Dendrites have actually tapering ends; thus diameter repeatedly decreases.


Axon: Axons space branched at their ends.

Dendrite: Dendrites are branched all along.

Synaptic Knobs

Axon: The tips of the terminal branches the the axon space enlarged to type synaptic knobs.

Dendrite: No synaptic knobs occur at the tips of the branches the the dendrites.


Axon: The synaptic knobs that the axons save vesicles v neurotransmitters.

Dendrite: Dendrites perform not have vesicles the contain neurotransmitters.

Nissl’s Granules

Axon: Axons execute not save on computer Nissl’s granules.

Dendrite: Dendrites save on computer Nissl’s granules.


Axon: Axons deserve to be one of two people myelinated or non-myelinated.

Dendrite: Dendrites are non-myelinated.

Direction that the Transmission

Axon: Axons lug nerve impulses far from the cell body.

Dendrite: Dendrites carry nerve impulses towards the cell body.


Axon: Axons form the efferent ingredient of the nerve impulse.

Dendrite: Dendrite form the afferent component of the nerve impulse.


Axon and also dendrite are the two varieties of projections of a nerve cell. Both axons and also dendrites transmit nerve impulses. Axon is much longer than a dendrite. The diameter of an axon is uniform while dendrites consist of tapering ends. Part axons are myelinated to rate up the transmission of nerve impulses. Axons transmit nerve impulses away from the cell body, and dendrites transmit nerve impulses towards the cell body. Therefore, the main difference in between axon and also dendrite is the direction the the infection of nerve impulses.

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