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Stop Lines

Stop lines space white present painted across the pavement at intersections denote the suggest beyond which your car should no cross if you are protecting against for a traffic control device. In urban areas, the heat is typically located about four feet prior to the crosswalk. Drivers must come to a complete stop in ~ the protect against line, as soon as present, no at the actual avoid sign or traffic signal.

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Crosswalk Lines

These white lines room painted across, or partially across the pavement. Periodically they will certainly be painted in a ladder pattern. Once pedestrians are in the crosswalks, they have actually the right-of-way over motor vehicles. Crosswalks are sometimes in the middle of a block in residential areas, and in part cases, a pedestrian crossing signal is located at the white line.


Railroad Crossings

When a road is overcome by a rail crossing, the pavement is usually marked with a big X and also two R’s. At railroad crossings, a yellow heat is constantly placed top top the ideal side of the facility line to stop passing. The cross is periodically equipped with regulate arms and/or emergency lights, come warn vehicle drivers of draw close trains. The driver of the auto must stop if warning signals show a train is approaching.


Center Lines

These are provided to separate traffic moving in opposite direction on led roadways. Damaged yellow lines are offered when there are only two lanes and also it is safe to pass in either direction.

No happen Lines

Single Lines

These single, heavy yellow lines on two-lane roads indicate zones where passing is prohibited. They will certainly be located on the ideal of the damaged yellow line when they apply to the lane in i m sorry you room traveling. In part instances, both yellow lines will be solid, indicating it is not safe because that passing in either direction.

Double White Lines

These are dual white line (dashed or solid) pavement markings on roads that indicate where vehicles have the right to or cannot overcome to accessibility the adjacent lane. When the twin white lines room dashed, vehicles are allowed to cross over to the adjacent lane. As soon as the dual white lines space solid, lane alters are prohibited.


Edge Lines

These room the hard white lines along the side of the pavement. They serve as safety guides, particularly at night when it is an overwhelming to watch the leaf of the road. A yellow edge line might be supplied on the left side to warn of narrow or elevated medians.

Lane Lines

These space the white dashes that mark the separation, personal, instance lanes of take trip on streets and also highways having an ext than one lane for traffic moving in the exact same direction.

When there are four or an ext lanes through traffic relocating in the opposite directions, two solid yellow lines mark the facility of the roadway. You may cross this lines only to do a left turn into or native an alley, personal road, driveway, or an additional street. As soon as traveling top top a multi-lane road, stay in the right lane except to pass various other vehicles traveling in the very same direction.


Traffic Striping

These markings, created by diagonal yellow lines, space on streets and highways indicating that the road is narrowing or over there is an obstruction on the roadway. The area is similar to a triangle with solid yellow diagonal lines in ~ the external lines. Constantly keep to the right of these markings.

Turn Lanes

These lanes, bordered by hard yellow and/or damaged yellow lines, is in the facility of plenty of streets and highways to make left turns. A motorist desiring to rotate left must proceed to the rotate lane just prior come making a left turn. Georgia regulation prohibits the use of this lane for any purpose other than do a left turn. You may go into this lane no an ext than 300 feet native the ar of the left turn.

When a transforming lane is noted for vehicles traveling in both directions, you should use extreme caution before entering the transforming lane to make a left turn. There might be a car traveling in opposing direction additionally entering the turning lane to do a left turn. This is specifically problematic in congested areas.

Bicycle Lanes

These are solid white lines generally located in between the farthest best traffic lane and the curb or sheet of the roadway. If over there is a right-turn-only lane present, the bike lane will certainly be located to the left the the right-turn-only lane in order to safely accommodate bicycles traveling directly through the intersection. Bicycle lanes may also be marked with painted signs of a bicycle. Chauffeurs of engine vehicles space prohibited indigenous driving or parking in the bicycle lane, except to cross end it to do a turn. As soon as crossing over a bicycle lane to do a turn, drivers must yield to bicyclists that space present.


Roundabouts are periodically used at intersections rather of avoid signs. The function of a roundabout is to enable the intersection to manage heavier traffic circulation without the require for a signal or a four-way stop. Once entering a roundabout, traffic laws concerning right-of-way still apply. You need to yield to other traffic that is already in the roundabout. You will constantly enter a roundabout to the right, and also continue circling to the appropriate until you have actually reached the roadway ~ above which you want to turn. As soon as reaching the preferred road, friend will always turn right.

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