Greg Heffley simply wants come play video games all day. However there space things in his way: namely his an initial day in ~ the “intellectual wasteland” the is center school. An outcast indigenous the get-go, Greg – that is 110% sure that he is going to be rich and also famous one day – negotiates his way through the zany trials and also tribulations the the playground, recording his think in his diary – sorry, “journal”.

Created by Jeff Kinney, Diary the a Wimpy boy was initially posted on website FunBrain and after receiving a lining 20 million views, was released as a (pretty epic) book in 2007. It turns out the Diary the a Wimpy child wasn’t actually very wimpy in ~ all, and the book went ~ above to become a new York time bestseller, then a movie starring Zachary Gordon. The collection is now going more powerful than ever, and double Down (Book 11), the latest addition, access time the shelves on first November 2016. Follow to Jeff Kinney, this instalment is all around Greg do the efforts to gain to the bottom that why he feels for this reason special and unique.

We can not wait for the latest publication in the series, for this reason we’ve been umming and also ahhing around our optimal moments native the ten publications released therefore far. This is the ones we’ve picked:

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Greg first starts composing in his diary

When Greg first starts composing in his diary, there’s a few things he wants to make clear. The a journal not a diary (durr!). And he doesn’t also want to keep a stupid newspaper anyway, his mum’s do him.

Hilarious and also angst-filled, the opened of the first book is one of the most specifying moments in the whole series. Helping to shape how we see good ol’ Greg, the begin of this publication sets the tone because that what’s come come. Analysis it ago makes us loss in love through the publications all end again.

The totality ‘Cheese Touch’ cooties thing comes a near second, along with Greg gift a tree in the school production of the magician of Oz, obvs. Bravo!


Rodrick finds Greg’s diary

It deserve to be hard to live under the shadow of an larger brother, but when push pertains to shove (shoving each other, we mean) siblings will be there no issue what, right? ours top moment in this book is Greg’s ultimate are afraid coming true; Rodrick find Greg’s diary, and just as he predicted, makes fun of him; the 2nd instalment in reality does have actually the word ‘diary’ top top the cover, friend see. We likewise love the story around Greg walking right into the ladies’ toilets by wrong (picking increase the nickname “Stealthinator” on the way), and that time he believed he would certainly marry ice cream cream is up there through the best, too.


The Heffley failure spectacularly at new Year’s Resolutions

New year’s resolutions space made to it is in broken and also our fave moment in this instalment is as soon as no one is difficult to their new Year’s resolutions. Greg’s Dad is on a diet yet is eat brownies on the sly, his mum states she’s going to begin going come the gym yet spends she afternoon slumped in prior of the TV. Even his little brother vows to provide up his fake (didn’t also last a complete minute, according to Greg). And also in common Rodrick fashion, his brothers doesn’t come increase with any type of resolutions at every (even despite he might do with a few!). Everyone who has actually optimistically collection goals for the year front will be able to relate come Greg’s family and also their broken resolutions! we couldn’t withstand a giggle at learning Greg’s childhood nickname: “Ploopy”, either!

Greg safety the summer in ~ the pool

Rowley’s dad it s okay fed increase of Greg’s constant criticism, so having actually “tasted the country-club life”, he’s forced to invest his summer by the dreaded ‘local pool’.

As much as Greg is concerned, going to the regional pool is one of the most traumatic experience of his life come date; “I don’t check out why Mom and Dad bother to try and defend me from horror movies and also stuff favor that if they’re gonna expose me to something around a thousand times worse.”

We know how you feel, Greg! *shivers*

Greg picks a brand-new best friend

Since Greg and also Rowley had a bust-up, Rowley’s parents have actually hired Greg’s ex-best friend, ‘Cool Brian’ – a wholesome large brotherly number – and now Greg is ~ above the hunt for a brand-new bestie. The component of this book that had us laughing hysterically was Greg considering likely candidates: mosquito-magnet Christopher, toilet bandit Tyson and, the course, Fregley (Greg ruled him out a lengthy time ago anyway).

We all understand that feeling when your friend pipeline you in the lurch and you frantically think about trying to uncover a replacement. Among the points we love about Greg is the no matter just how wild and outlandish his adventures and also imagination, we have the right to still said to everything he’s walk through.

We’ll it is in your brand-new best friend, Greg!

Mum’s creepy elf doll

In this book, the Heffleys acquire snowed in, but it’s the Christmas references that recorded our imagination. Greg’s mum puts a ‘Santa’s Scout’ (aka a creepy elf doll) in the house and Greg and Rodrick room suddenly top top their finest behaviour (just in instance the elf-like doll is feeding Santa intel). Rodrick, however, has other ideas and also is dishing the dirt on Greg come Santa’s little helper.

We think the funniest part, though, is the someone is relocating the doll about the residence each morning therefore that i do not have anything is safe. Greg’s even beginning to doubt the it’s Rodrick moving him – could the doll… relocate itself???

Greg discover his fear of umbilical cords

Siblings. Can not live v ‘em, can not live without ‘em. Greg’s had his same share that worn, slobber-covered hand-me-downs indigenous his brother Rodrick. And also the gem of this publication is when Greg’s reminiscing about when Manny was born, inadvertently revealing his fear of umbilical cords. Terrified that sooner or later it might pop up somewhere, this strange and also somehow compelling fear is what grips Greg around the miraculous procedure of birth. Gross together it is, us can’t assist but hesitate as soon as we move on the lights, terrified we’re walking to uncover it ourselves. Eeek.

Rowley it s okay a girlfriend

The worst thing ever before has happened – Greg’s ideal mate Rowley has acquired a… GIRLFRIEND! and also appears to have completely lost his mental in the process. Defaulting to the imperial ‘we’ simply nine days into a relationship, Rowley doesn’t even have his own opinions anymore.

We all know that moment in life once friends gain into relationships and suddenly vanish. They completely transform into a different person and also you feel choose you don’t recognize them anymore. It is what’s so good about this part of the book – and also the collection in general – Greg is for this reason relatable. Even his many random thoughts feather from a ar that secretly makes finish sense come adults and children alike.

A seagull flies right into the family car

Seagulls have the right to be haughty fellows, and when Greg carelessly tosses one tiny insignificant cheese curl the end of the car home window to a seagull, he doesn’t think much of it. Tiny does he recognize that he’s about to initiate a seagull assault – feathers and cheese curls almost everywhere the place. Hilarious together it is come imagine a seagull flying right into the car, lured by a trace of cheese curls, there’s crucial lesson to be taken indigenous this: don’t feeding the gulls!

We likewise totally love that Greg’s little bro Manny accurately guesses the load of a baby pig (which becomes a new addition to the family before going top top an eating rampage and also eventually being provided away to a petting zoo!). Phew… the was close!

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Greg and Rowley collection up a lemonade stand

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade… or for this reason the speak goes. Ours favourite little from this one is when Greg and his pal Rowley collection up a lemonade stand, yet need a few rather simple pointers. From not understanding that you have to actually to express the juice from the lemons, to acquiring juice in his eye, setting up a lemonade was standing is harder than Greg assumed it would certainly be.

On the bright side, Greg learns about some of the tough challenges facing budding businessman – complaints. The course, that’s till he has his best idea that all: fitness water!

Greg considers what his nana will certainly be law in heaven

OK, OK, for this reason we stated that we’d perform 10 of the finest moments native the books, yet we’re for this reason excited about the publication that’s comes out following month, we just couldn’t assist but choose our favourite bit from that one too. We’re sure that as soon as the full publication has to be released, it’ll sneak its means up come our No. 1 spot, yet until then, we’re leaving it at number 11.

A sneak emergence at twin Down expose a section where Greg’s talking about what his departed nana is doing through her time up in heaven. His mum’s stated that nana watches over him but, after part contemplating, Greg concludes the really she should be “reading romance novels, no watching some middle-school child doing his homework every night.”

Then, suddenly, the decides yes something fairly creepy around the idea the dead family members watching end him. In fact, he’d quite not think about them – not even a tiny bit… not also at all.