TLDR: through airsoft you can shoot at other people (at the field), through normal steel BB’s the isn’t a an excellent idea.

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Are you one of the many civilization who gain confused about what the distinction is between an airsoft firearms vs BB guns? You aren’t the only one.

At Airsoft main point we evaluation airsoft guns and also they are absolutely not the same as your counterpart. We’ve been shot by stole BB’s before… the isn’t fun nor safe.

Yes, there space similarities, yet the distinctions do it quite clear that the two are in various categories.

So what we’re walking to do is provide you with answers regarding what these differences are. This have to clear up any kind of confusion you might have on the subject.


Airsoft VS BB? They are two various things entirely

As you deserve to see there room differences between airsoft vs bb guns, but the key one is just how much more damage a BB gun deserve to do end an airsoft gun. That’s why at Airsoft main point we do what we deserve to to educate individuals so they recognize what lock are gaining into.

Airsoft firearms generally are lot safer, however still will need the ideal protective steps in competitive pat as part guns, prefer an airsoft sniper rifle, fire deserve to fire at 500 fps or more.

The various other main distinction we want you come take far is the airsoft guns are designed because that recreational and also competitive play, no BB guns. This is why girlfriend can find them in so numerous styles and also they have actually the orange pointer to differentiate them. Plus, the airsoft bb is far less likely to injure someone if you shoot lock (which is the name of the game in vain airsoft matches).

BB guns are just too an effective for this, also on the short end. Hope you recognize now about these two types of guns and won’t do the failure of reasoning they room the same thing.

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It’s actually straightforward to make this wrong to since sometimes you might go on a website that provides the very same terminology because that BB firearms as they carry out airsoft guns. Also in every job lingo, we periodically say “BB” when we really room referring come the airsoft BB. Remember the distinctions and also you’ll be okay.