Recently, I’ve really been loving the sound the the surname Michaela, yet I really hate this spelling. The looks prefer ‘Michael-uh’ also me. I favor the assignment MicKayla, but my sister tells me she think this order is trailer trashy.

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What are your favorite ways to order Michaela (pronounced ‘mi-Kay-luh’ because that anyone who is wondering)? Do girlfriend think the MicKayla united state useable? What about Mikayla, or Makela?

Thanks everyone!

Hate to say it, however all alternating spellings look at truly awful to me.

Michaela watch lovely, and more importantly, choose her parents know how to spell.

I think a many of human being think a creative spelling provides name more unique or pretty, yet most the time, for me, it just makes me think the parents couldn’t be bothered to learn to assignment properly.

MicKayla looks for this reason weird. The looks like a misspelling. And also the funding M and also capital K look, well, trashy and also uneducated. Makela will acquire you “mah-KEE-lah” so i wouldn’t introduce it.

Micayla, Makaila, Mikayla, Makayla. Yes, really Mikayla is the most phonetically straightforward, if retaining the referral to Michael, in the fact that it begins with Mi- Also, Michaela is the conventional spelling so also though that looks choose Michael-uh the is reliably taken by most English speaker as mih-KAY-lah. It’s likewise the most efficient, easy method to ensure exactly spelling that her surname by everyone she meets in she lifetime: “It’s assignment Michael with an a at the end.”

Just keep it simple. Over there is nothing to obtain from a spelling the is super-unusual, except the lifetime hassle of civilization constantly misspelling her child’s name since you picked a monster spelling to begin with.

I think Michaela is by far the many beautiful spelling, and also all the others are trendy imitations-- not to point out a complete pain in the a** to spell out to people over & over again. (Trust me ~ above this, ns have an individual experience with it.)

Mikaela is a classic spelling because that it in Scandinavian languages and also the just other one the looks okay to mine eye. The others…as someone who additionally has a “trendeigh” spelling of a renowned name, and also dislike it-- I have actually empathy.

I yes, really encourage girlfriend to take into consideration sticking with the standard Michaela, or probably Mikaela.

Whatever friend do, don’t use a “Mc-” prefix! That provides it seem like McDonald"s or McMansions. Every time her daughter’s resume hits the height of a pile, she’ll it is in judged. No no no!

Besides Mikaela (Swedish/Nordic), Mikhaila is also a classic Russian spelling. If you have actually Slavic heritage, that can fly. Quiet a pain to spell, yet at the very least it’s not purposefully mispelled.

Another classic spelling is Micaela. It is the Spanish/Italian/Portuguese spelling.

My name is Makayla.

It’s a ache in the target to continually spell to everyone that asks. Micheala is the spelling that’s the most beautiful and also should be provided if you’re walk to use this name at all.

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MicKayla is trailer trashy and also please, PLEASE carry out not use this spelling. How embarrassing would certainly it be because that the kid to have this… Ugh. Stick with Micheala, Makayla (easy to spell), or Mikayla. (easy come spell and also straightforward like an additional berry mentioned)

I recognize a Michaela and also this is my favourite way to assignment it. Ns love the “aela” letter sequence. Ns think this method is classy and elegant when MicKayla does look trashier. The Michaela I know whenever she has to spell she name simply says “it’s Michael through an A”. No one ever before pronounces that incorrectly. If you absolutely hate Michaela, then I would go through Makayla/Mikayla. No resources letters in the middle of the name. But, IMO, Michaela is the right spelling.