If you"re a Liv & Maddiefan, you"re quiet reeling fromwhen Maddie and also Diggiesplit increase becauseDiggie walk toAustralia in ~ the beginning of season three.But before they go their different ways, they shared a at sight romantic moment at the airport and basically stated they hope they"d be an ext than friends when Diggie acquired back. For this reason you"ve been holding the end hope the Diggie (Ryan McCartan)will make a triumphant return and restore Miggie to their former glory.

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But that looks favor that day can not comebecause one fan asked Ryan when he"d finally come earlier toLiv & Maddieon Twitter and also his prize is walk tobreak yourheart.

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No... :( I"m no on Disney Channel anymore due to the fact that of Rocky horror 😫 https://t.co/6X1Wn0i1DG

— Ryan McCartan (
ryanmccartan) April 1, 2016

WHAT?! Ryan was cast as Brad in Rocky horror Show earlier in January, yet nobody assumed that would mean the end for Maddie and Diggie.

There is a possibility that Ryan can just average there room currently no plans for him to return toLiv & Maddiebecause he"s busy through Rocky horror Show, but "I"m not on Disney Channel" feels a bitfinal.Not to mention, Maddie has gotten really close through Liv"s co-star, Josh, due to the fact that Diggie left the scene. Really close — prefer he"s her new boyfriend.

*Endless sobbing*

Guess you"ll just have to imagine Miggie room endgame by the town hall Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan"s IRL relationship, i m sorry isequally, if not moreadorable 보다 Miggie.

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