It isn\"t constantly noticeable due to the fact that they space cartoon characters, however Disney princesses are in fact, wearing assembly — their eyelashes aren\"t just naturally the bold.

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They all must have actually been using some very powerful setting spray due to the fact that their assembly did not move from your faces. Whether they were fighting in the Chinese army, living deep in the ocean, or life in the woods, their makeup stayed put.

So for curiosity\"s sake, let\"s take it a emergence at what our favourite Disney women look prefer au natural.


I would certainly love to know what sort of all-natural, organic products Pocahontas was utilizing from the woods to develop eyebrow filler, eyeliner, mascara, and also lipstick.


This looks method more believable to me, all things thought about — and also honestly, i think she looks better this way.

Sometimes much less is more.


In Mulan, she wore different quantities of assembly in various scenes.

While she to be trying to come to be a bride, she to be wearing a full face of makeup. However while she to be disguising herself as a soldier, she wore no makeup in ~ all.

This to be the perfect balance!


This is essentially what she looked choose the entirety time she was apart of the army, make the efforts to loss the Huns and also bring respect to her family.

Just saying.


Elsa is by every definition, boujie as hell.

Not just is she put on bright pink, sparkly eyeshadow, however she\"s likewise rocking an extremely flawless looking braid with small, sparkly snowflakes in it, and a gown.

Weirdly, ns think I like her better this way? This is a great look top top her.

She tho looks fancy, however just slightly less high maintenance.

Unlike Elsa, Belle had a pretty natural look to start with.

This was constantly a believable quantity of makeup. Even for someone that spent many of she days locked up in a castle with a beast.

This is most likely what she would have actually actually looked like.

I extremely doubt she had accessibility to assembly while she was being hosted captive.

Tiana is slaying in her purple eyeshadow. She doesn\"t even care that that doesn\"t enhance her glowing yellow shirts or eco-friendly hair tie.

She\"s livin\" her ideal life.

She watch so much much better without makeup. Ns am shook.

I demand they work again, please again the whole movie with her looking prefer this instead.

Princess Jasmine\"s winged eyeliner is literally what i strive because that every solitary time I put makeup on. She nailed the cat eye look.

It\"s for this reason unfair.

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Although she winged eyeliner to be crazily on point, the look at a lot cuter without it — and also the paler lips fit her as well.