In HBO’s popular brand-new series True Blood, vampires have officially come the end of the coffin. The fanged ones have shown their very own existence, and are even pushing for equal rights. The vamps’ introduction raises a slew the questions about the creatures’ powers, strengths and weaknesses in the True Blood universe. Luckily for viewers, and for <…>


In HBO's popular brand-new series True Blood, vampires have officially come out of the coffin. The fanged people have shown their own existence, and also are also pushing for equal rights.

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The vamps' emergence raises a slew that questions around the creatures' powers, strengths and weaknesses in the True Blood universe.

Luckily for viewers, and also for the show's mortal protagonist Sookie Stackhouse(played by Anna Paquin), answers space being revealed. The 3rd episode the Alan Ball's series, which was freshly picked up for a second season, dove deep right into vampire mythology and also lore Sunday.

In addition to True Blood's common horror fare – vampire brawling and bloodsucking – viewers obtained clued in come a couple of things Sunday, including delicacies the tempt the undead palate, medicine dealers that sell vampire blood, and also the clinical construct behind the show's night-prowling population.

(Spoiler alert: minor plot point out follow.**)

The science of bloodsuckers: What animates the undead? us don't have actually the full answer yet, yet Sookie's pale-faced paramour, invoice Compton (Stephen Moyer, pictured), lays out part specifics in episode 3. Vampires have actually no brain waves, no heartbeat, no should breathe and no electrical impulses whatsoever in your bodies.Unfortunately, that's about as certain as he gets. Once Sookie presses him on the issue, questioning him how he digests blood, he merely replies: "Magic."

Viral vulnerabilities: within the True Blood universe, vampires deserve to be plagued through such traditional banes as sunlight and silver. However they can also get sick: Vampires room susceptible come viral epidemic by a mutation of hepatitis, recognized as "Hep D." It's harmless to humans, yet iftransfer to their night-walking counterparts, have the right to weaken vampires for as much as a month, leave them delicate to being caught – and possibly staked. Fearing unscrupulous humans can use this information to their advantage, vampires job-related to save word the the virus out of the tendency media.

Synthetic sustenance: The integration of vampires into human culture in True Blood hinges top top one an important element – the breakthrough development of a fabricated blood substitute produced by a team of researchers in Japan. Marketed as a beverage referred to as TruBlood, the discovery is touted both by vampires and also by human beings who assistance the vampire rights motion as reason enough to legitimize the standing of the undead. However, a comment made in illustration 3 through tattoo-sporting vamp Liam revealed a chilling detail: Tru Blood may not work and also we've been resulted in believe, and is perhaps not a adequate substitute for human being blood.

Underground drug trade: Forget smack and crack. Vampire blood is the latest underground narcotic to fight the streets.Viewers currently got a glimpse of the seedy lengths to which some humans will go to capture and also drain vampires to use and sell their blood; in illustration 3, audiences gleaned much more information about the illegal substance after Sookie's brothers Jason purchased a vial. Here's a fast rundown the what we understand so far:

Generic name: Vampire bloodStreet name: "V"Street value: $600 because that a quarter-ounceDuration the high: UnknownDosage: 1-2 drops take away by mouthShort-term effects: Heightened libido, awareness and senses; deliriumLong-term effects: Heightened aggression; boosted chance of seeks (which outcomes in serious withdrawal symptoms and cravings)

Bloody delicacies: perhaps the most gruesome detail unveiled in Sunday's episode were the vulnerable intricacies the a vampire's taste for various species of blood. It to be revealed that the just treat an ext coveted 보다 that that virgin human blood is the blood of babies.

Vampire h____ierarchies, powers and nests: In episode 3, viewers acquired their an initial titillating glimpse inside a vampire nest: a lawless pleasure den occupied by multiple vampires and, occasionally, a couple of subservient humans who provide a steady source of food. Follow to Bill, vampires who live in colonies together have tendency to exhibit more vicious, cruel actions than vampires that elect come live alone. Vampires have the right to influence human will making use of a mind-controlling capability known together "glamoring." In addition to hypnotizing humans, vampires are likewise able to lay case to human beings in order to keep various other vampires from feeding on them – although vampires are an ext likely to only obey other bloodsuckers that outrank lock in age and seniority.

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