Here is a sample of inquiries asked in the Reid Report, an honesty check for job applicants. Reid officials will certainly not speak what is the \"right\" price for any type of question. Instead, psychological specialists analyze the whole examination to do a reference to prospective employers: ---

-Do you think you are too honest to steal?

-Since you have actually been 15 year old, have actually you thought about stealing anything from a save where you to be shopping?

-Do friend think policemen space usually honest?

-If you uncovered when you got home the a salesgirl fail to include a $1 item the you bought, would certainly you return the following day and pay the $1 come the store?

-Did you ever before think about stealing money from locations where you have worked?

-If you could get into a movie there is no paying, and be certain you would certainly not gain caught, would you execute it?

-Do you always tell the truth?

-Do you reap stories of successful crimes and also swindles?

-If you to be a big store owner and also you found out the an employee had actually stolen merchandise indigenous you, would certainly you fire that if the complete amount was worth less than $5 in one year?

-For 20 years, a man took $10 per week native his employer for essential support that his household of 10 children. As soon as he had actually raised his last child, one more employee told the ceo what the man had actually been doing. Need to the boss fire that man?

-Do you think one employee need to tell his boss around seeing an additional employee stealing from his company?

-In the past five years, how much money, if any, have actually you gambled on horse races?

-Have girlfriend ever borrowed money from a firm where you functioned without her employer\"s knowledge?

-Do you feel it is acceptable for an employee to usage marijuana or other drugs during work hrs or breaks if the does not interfere through his or she effectiveness?

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Odd News // 21 hrs ago
Woman wins $1.2M after playing exact same lotto numbers for a year
Sept. 10 ( -- A Michigan mrs won a $1.2 million jackpot native a lottery drawing after reliably play the same collection of numbers every week because that a year.

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Odd News // 22 hrs ago
Overdue book returned come Scottish library after ~ 14 years
Sept. 10 ( -- A Scottish library said a publication that 14 years overdue was recently returned by a patron that wasn\"t even mindful they still had it.

Odd News // 23 hours ago
African serval ~ above the loose in California county
Sept. 10 ( -- citizens of a California county reported plenty of sightings the an unusual escaped pet in the area: an african serval.

Odd News // 23 hours ago
Ig Nobel Prizes awarded because that chewing gum research, upside-down rhino
Sept. 10 ( -- The recipients of the 2021 Ig Nobel Prizes encompass researchers that experimented with upside-down rhinos, analyzed the bacteria in discarded gum and studied the methods cats interact with humans.

Odd News // 1 work ago
Alligator tries come bite woman\"s paddleboard at Florida state park
Sept. 10 ( -- A Florida woman had a tense encounter through an alligator the attempted to take it a bite the end of she paddleboard, and also the incident was captured on camera.
Odd News // 1 day ago
Police reunite Illinois State fair visitor with lost dentures
Sept. 10 ( -- The Illinois State Police claimed a visitor to the Illinois State same was rejoined with an unusual item of lost property -- their dentures.
Odd News // 1 day ago
World\"s longest basketball video game tops 120 hours in new York
Sept. 10 ( -- A basketball game at a brand-new York gym damaged a Guinness world Record when the full play time reached the mite of 120 hours, 2 minutes.
Odd News // 1 job ago
Stowaway gecko take away 4,000-mile pilgrimage in traveler\"s bra
Sept. 10 ( -- A British woman unpacking her suitcase after a expedition to Barbados make a shocking discovery -- a gecko the stowed away for a 4,000-mile journey inside her bra.
Odd News // 1 day ago
Man collects $100,000 lottery compensation after to win $1M twice
Sept. 9 ( -- A north Carolina man had actually his third brush v lottery luck as soon as he score a $100,000 jackpot after formerly winning $1 million -- twice.

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Odd News // 1 job ago
Wildlife officials rescue badger trapped in Colorado window well
Sept. 9 ( -- Wildlife public official in Colorado stated they were referred to as out because that an inexplicable rescue as soon as a badger ended up being stranded in a home\"s window well.

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