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Kim counted under our favourite Capaldi moments right prior to the special, and naturally, they’re almost all monologues. I can’t imagine the press of composing or performing a speech that you have the right to bet is going to it is in remembered as THE minute for any kind of given Doctor, however Twelve’s bye did whatever it had actually to. His audience? just his future self. And where this Doctor once felt unsuited to the function and unsure even of exactly how much that cared, he’s currently the expert, with a strong sense of wherein he stands. Us went on a JOURNEY through him, girlfriend guys. And also I’m therefore proud of whereby we ended up.

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“You wait a moment, Doctor. Let’s obtain it right. I’ve gained a few things come say to you. Simple stuff first. Never ever be cruel, never ever be cowardly, and also never, ever eat pears! Remember, dislike is always foolish. And also love is always wise. Always try to it is in nice, yet never failure to be kind. Oh, and you mustn’t tell anyone your name. No one would recognize it, anyway. Except, ah! except children. Kids can hear that sometimes. If your hearts are in the best place, and also the stars space too, kids can hear her name. However nobody else. Nobody else, ever…”


Of course, the whole episode is masterfully command by Rachel Talalay. But particularly the minute when she arrives. After what’s felt choose a lifetime of waiting, the Thirteenth medical professional takes end the TARDIS. (And timeless loses manage of it, however what rather is new?) Her arrival was pack with meaning and wonder, native Twelve’s signature wedding ring slide off her slender finger to her first, PERFECT words. I want so countless things because that this Doctor, but mostly I desire her to it is in happy to be herself. No just because it would certainly be trite to re-do Twelve’s arc, but because we together a human being need this. This is a do-or-die situation, and also there’s no other means forward than for the doctor to it is in psyched together hell to be in this particular body.

The Twelfth doctor goes the end on a note of acceptance. He stop struggling and also lets adjust happen, and the prompt payoff of the is Thirteen’s elation. There’s something over there that ns wish civilization who are protesting this selection could see, however I’m no counting ~ above it. (They don’t have actually the wisdom the a pair millennia that existence, CLEARLY.) We’ve come for this reason far, as this episode shows. Bill has to describe to the first Doctor the worth of “just some bloke, thundering around, putting whatever right when it walk wrong,” since that’s no his win yet. Being the Doctor and also loving the doctor isn’t just about letting go. It’s around taking that leap. And I’m all set to jump off a cliff with Jodie.

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Timey Wimey Observations:

There’s a scene in this episode in which Capaldi’s hair is lit so lovingly the it needs to have been intentional.“Your confront is anywhere the place” — a genius throwaway to define David Bradley.“It’s to be rock and also roll.”Making him into a crotchety bigot wasn’t really fair to the first Doctor, but it to be hugely to chat to watch Capaldi react to his unreasonable comments. Additionally it felt prefer a meta FU to pan crying end the heritage of the show being thrown come the pc wolves of whatever. (No unwanted opinions, please!)He’s a hugger now:
Source: floofytwelve“Long story short, I entirely pulled.”“You’re the very very first Dalek that ever got naked because that me.” — ns DON’T understand WHAT TO carry out WITH THIS.From mine notes: “ugh the nipples comment. Shut up nardole.”Mark Gatiss’s wig was really something.Best line analysis of the whole episode, comes up:


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