The evade Caravan and the Chrysler town & country are both minivans based upon the same platform. They have actually several similarities, but they room also an extremely different. Numerous drivers consider the Caravan an ext sporty, when the city & country is the high-end vehicle. Below is some information around both vehicles to aid you decision which one to choose.

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The Exterior

The exterior that the Caravan has a an ext boxy style while the town & nation rounds off the edges. The city & Country likewise features the signature Chrysler grille, and it comes v LED taillights. The Caravan has the crosshair grille indigenous Dodge, and it also comes v LED taillights.

The Interior

The inner of the Caravan functions a solitary tone shade scheme, when the town & nation has hardwood grain panels. The city & country comes standard with some added features and alternatives such together leather upholstery and also a back-up camera. Friend can likewise get three-zone climate control in the Chrysler, in addition to a power liftgate and also power doors.

Trim Levels

The 2016 Caravan comes in six different trim levels beginning with the base, no-nonsense AVP trim. This will acquire you 17-inch steel wheels, twin zone wait conditioning, and a four-speaker audio system. The base level Chrysler is the LX model. This comes with 17-inch alloy wheels, a roof rack, and power slide doors. The base design Chrysler also comes v the Stow ‘n go seating and also storage system, if you require to include it as an alternative in the basic Dodge. If girlfriend are searching for a minivan and want to keep the price down, the AVP evade Caravan is a great vehicle, yet if you want to pay more, and get more options, then the city & nation is the means to go.

The Engine

Both vehicles come v a 3.6-liter V6 engine that produces 283 horsepower. Lock both have a six-speed automatic transmission, and they come through front wheel drive. You have the right to expect to get around 20 miles every gallon combined, v 17 mpg in the city and also 25 mpg ~ above the highway. Both of this vans offer comparable driving and also riding experiences, with fast acceleration, and also the strong V6 engine is powerful enough to carry a auto filled v passengers, or cargo if you desire to flip the seats down.

Safety Features

Both models come with numerous safety features, including antilock bowl brakes and traction and stability control. Castle both have energetic front head restraints, and full-length next curtain airbags. The town & country comes standard v a rearview camera and also if friend bump up to the Touring-L trim and also above, you’ll additionally get remote spot monitoring and rear cross website traffic alert. You can gain these extra safety attributes in the dodge Caravan with the R/T SafetySphere Group.

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Both the evade Caravan and the Chrysler city & nation have something come offer. If you’re spring for more luxury and features, then the city & nation is your van, yet if you like a sportier look at without all the fuss, thenthe Caravan is a great choice.