This guide gives an in-depth look at the structure and also operation the the world’s largest restaurant operator and also how it results employees and also job applicants concerning drugs and alcohol.

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Subway operates 42,431 outlets in an ext than 100 countries around the world. The chain is privately held and also uses a franchise design that gives all the restaurants elevation ownership.

Drug testing and also Subway’s to work structure

The franchise version is unique due to the fact that it offers each restaurant autonomy worrying operations under a vast code that conduct.

Subway’s password of command provides general guidance come franchisees around employment practices, trademarks, problems of interest, press relations, privacy laws, and also general rules the may also be topic to local legislations in the location’s jurisdiction.

The password of conduct touches on every franchise"s need to carry out a secure, safe, and healthy workplace characterized as one that minimizes the hazard of accidents, injury, and exposure to health risks.

This wide guide offers each place the discretion to determine whether they deserve to drug check by commonwealth or regional laws.

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Several Subway franchises do not permit employees to work-related under the influence of alcohol or drugs, drink alcoholic beverages top top duty, or usage illegal substances while on duty.

For example, junior Fowler Restaurants, LLC, which operates Subway restaurants in Jonesboro and Forrest City in Arkansas, has actually a considerable employee hands-on that prohibits drug and alcohol use.

Another franchise, Rottinghaus Company, operates Subway outlets in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Minnesota, and also Wisconsin.

The company’s employee handbook go not permit employees to use, possess, distribute, sell, or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal medicine while working.

Violations the the policy may cause disciplinary action or prompt termination that employment. Under particular circumstances, the employee may be compelled to take part in a problem abuse rehabilitation program.

At Rottinghaus, legal usage of prescribed medicine is permitted on the job just if that does no impair one employee"s capability to execute the crucial functions the the job effectively and safely that does no endanger other people in the workplace.

The Rundown

Although Subway’s code of command asks franchisees to provide a secure, safe, and healthy workplace, that does not explicitly require them come the medicine test.

Therefore, the franchises operate independently and have the discretion to drug test their employees or project candidates.

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In cases where the franchise tests because that drugs and /or alcohol, number of instances call for this action;

Pre-employment experimentation where the task offer is conditional top top the applicant returning a negative drug test.Random trial and error which is excellent on employees there is no prior noticeReasonable suspicion experimentation where one"s plot or habits may cause a testPost-accident testing a work accident might subject one employee come an instant drug test.