Quick Facts
Full NameKasey Walker
Nationality American
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusDivorced
SpouseDonal Logue
No that Children2

Who is Kasey Walker?

Kasey Walker is an American actress that is known for her portrayal in movies like South Beach(1993),Hunter(1984) andDeath prior to Dishonor (1987).

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She is likewise recognized together the ex-wife of movie producer and actor, Donal Logue whom she met during her career.

Kasey has not discover much around her at an early stage life or education. Also, the birth facts, also as scholastic qualifications, are likewise unavailable. Further, she hold an American nationality.

As pointed out above, she has actually credits for few movies together as south Beach which to be released in 1993, Hunter in 1984 and Death before Dishonor which was massively liked by the audience.

Kasey Walker"s Married, Husband, Children

Kasey has actually not talked how she met Donal. But, see both previous husband-wife profession, they had actually probably met during their career in the exact same field and also eventually began dating. Their love affairs turned into marriage.

After the blissful wedding, Donal and also Kasey provided birth to boy Finn and also a daughter Jade Logue. Her daughter was born as Arlo Logue on in march 25, 2001. She came out as a transgender once she was 15. She parents fully supported she for gift what she is.

Image: Kasey Walker"s husband, Donal Logue v his children

Kasey and Logue stood in a marital connection together for fairly a long, however, they divorce later. They have actually not divulged the reason behind the separation. Resources even insurance claim that lock were never ever married but were in an open relationship.

All the worries Jade Logue confronted After She came OUT as A Transgender, Who room her Parents, What"s her net Worth?

Our team is wait for the factor behind the split. As shortly as more details about their marital relationship will reveal, we assure our readers will certainly be the first to know.

Kasey Walker"s Child, Jade"s lacking Report

On June 2017, Jade suddenly went lacking from their residence in Brooklyn. Father Donal requested help from every the departments including the FBI.

Image: Jade lacking report

He also requested the public to discover her daughter. Later, Jade was found in great condition in north Carolina. Likewise, Donal to be thankful to anyone for sustaining him.

A brief Wiki that Kasey Walker"s former Husband, Donal Logue

Donal Logue is a renowned actor, writer, and producer that was born in Ontario, Canada. His father had actually a transport company in Canada. Logue spent most of his childhood job in the movie city the California along with his sisters.

Concerning his career, Donal started acting by starring together an actor in the 1992 film Sneakers. His role in the movie The Tao that Steve winner him a special Grand Jury Prize because that the ideal actor in the 2000 Sundance movie Festival.

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Donal also featured in FX collection Terriers which ran for 13 episodes from September to December 2010. Moreover, he play a significant role in the TV collection "Vikings" which illustrated the saga that Viking Ragnar Lothbrok.

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Also, Donal is associated in sports. He provided to play soccer for the Los Angeles based team Hollywood United.

How lot is Kasey Walker"s network worth?

Although Kasey has not come out officially regarding her total assets, that is estimated to be in between $500,000 come $1 million. She has actually probably received a decent amount of salary from she portrayal in a few movies.

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On the other hand, her former husband Donal Logue has actually a total net precious of over $3 million. About his income, that earned a salary of over $100,000 per illustration from the hit collection Viking. He currently lives a rich and also prosperous life in California along with his children.