Campaign contains a towering tribute come Aussie farmers, to be unveiled in Tamworth, this Australia Day


This Australia Day, via an integrated campaign from DDB Sydney, Eleven, OMD and also VML Australia, Macca\"s is showing consumers just how Aussie the iconic large Mac is.

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The campaign idea, occurred by DDB Sydney, intends to flip perceptions upside down, literally, by encouraging consumers to turn their favorite burger upside under the \"Aussie Way\". Called the \"Down Under big Mac\", the high influence outdoor, digital and also social campaign intends to encourage consumers to think differently around their huge Mac.

Says Jo Feeney, manager of marketing, McDonald\"s: \"It\"s our local ingredients and also suppliers who aid make our iconic assets taste for this reason great. We\"re proud the them and also proud the our service has an incredible Aussie foundation. We want to difficulty consumer\"s consciousness in a fun and engaging way, and also honour our farmers.

Through PR firm Eleven, Macca\"s is building on the celebration by thanking the regional legends who create ingredients that go into the huge Mac, in the biggest way they deserve to - by launching the \"Down Under big Big Mac\" as part of Australia\"s famous list the \"big things\" that honour regional produce.

Macca\"s towering tribute, i beg your pardon is gift unveiled in the agricultural hub of Tamworth this Australia Day, stands more than eight metres tall.

Says Feeney: \"We\"re a proud nation, which is why once we celebrate all things Aussie, consisting of local produce, we carry out it in a big way. From the huge Banana, to the big Prawn and also Merino, these room clear indications that the pride we have actually in what Australia needs to offer, and are understood country-wide.\"

A two-minute movie has also been produced by Eleven because that use throughout Macca\"s owned channels and also editorial purposes. The movie educates civilization on 3 of the farms affiliated in the supply of ingredients for the huge Mac, and also construction clip of the under Under big Big Mac.

The project will also be leveraged on social by VML Australia through customers being urged to provide their own nod come the country\"s farmer by enjoy it their big Mac \"Down Under\" style, upside down, and sharing a snap this Australia Day.

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Media company OMD noted strategic direction, channel and audience planning because that the execution.