Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint may have all disabled the Samsung Galaxy S5\"s Download Booster feature however there is a method to permit it on the AT&T and Verizon Galaxy S5.

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All 3 carriers have actually disabled one of the smartphone\"s biggest and also most supported feature. When Samsung presented the device in February, it announced a new feature referred to as Download Booster that offers the smartphone\"s 4G LTE and Wi-Fi relationships simultaneously to speed up downloads.

Yet when users tried come tapthe function on Verizon, AT&T, and also Sprint variants that the Galaxy S5, lock soon uncovered the 3 carriers had actually disabled Download Booster. At & t released a explain explaining it to be looking into testing the feature but Verizon and also Sprint have still continue to be tight lipped top top why they removed it.

But Android smartphone pan are very resourceful and figured the end a means to enable the setting.

A user ~ above XDA forums come up through a systems to permit the Download Booster feature on the Verizon and also AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5. It shows up AT&T and Verizon didn\"t fully remove the Download Booster as previously thought, rather the carriers decided to hide that from users. You\"ll must download a third-party launcher, choose Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher, to develop a shortcut in stimulate to accessibility Download Booster.

The directions space for Nova Launcher but will occupational for Apex Launcher and others. After installing Nova Launcher, open the app up and long-press on your Galaxy S5\"s home screen, pick Shortcuts, tap Activities, madness Settings, then tap Download Booster. You\"ll now have the ability to toggle Download Booster on and also off.

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The great news is the feature is quiet alive and also kicking top top Verizon and also AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphones but it does not completely work the method Samsung intended. Individuals who have permitted it report the their speeds have increased when downloading and install apps from Google Play however not on big files. XDA forum members claim that in bespeak to full experience Download Booster on this devices, root access is needed, however has no been accomplished yet. Permit us understand in the comments if you notification any speed boosts after trying this instructions.

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