Married to Medicine is a lover Bravo hit that originally introduced in 2013. The present follows Atlanta-based women that are physicians or married come doctors, therefore melding the two an extremely popular civilizations of truth TV and medical dramas. The show has featured the storylines of fan favorites prefer Toya Bush-Harris, Mariah Huq, Dr. Jackie Walters, Quad Webb, and Dr. Simone Whitmore.

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The present is such a success the it"s leading right into its eighth season, i beg your pardon premieres on march 7, 2021, and also is for this reason loved due to the fact that it brings whatever to the screen — drama, gorgeous clothing, glam squads, and also friendships. However there are additionally really extensive moments. In the teaser clip because that Season 8, we watch the cast go to black color Lives issue marches and also some even collection up a COVID-19 experimentation site as the pandemic swept through the unified States. And also one the the most compelling stars on Married to Medicine is Dr. Simone Whitmore. Here"s her story.

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Dr. Simone Whitmore works in Obstetrics and also Gynecology and also practices in Georgia. She was born and also raised in Nashville, Tenn., and also went on to pursue clinical studies, graduating v a doctorate from eastern Tennessee State University, Quillen college of Medicine, follow to she practice"s bio. She "completed she residency at Boston Medical center in 1997 and became a plank Certified OBGYN in 1999," the bio continues. She opened up North Perimeter OBGYN in 2004 "as a solo practitioner."

Dr. Simone in reality met her husband, Cecil, when she to be completing her undergrad studies at Spelman college in Atlanta, Ga., per her Bravo bio. While they"ve challenged a couple of hurdles during their marital relationship (more on the later), they"re still together.

Dr. Simone"s field of expertise includes: "high hazard pregnancies, infertility counseling, treatment for fibroids, adolescent medicine, contraceptive management, menopausal treatment, and different options" according to she practice"s website, so she take away on some difficult cases as a doctor. And as she takes on hurdles in medicine, she also takes top top the drama in Married come Medicine! That"s gotta be high-stress on every levels — but if anyone can handle it, it"s Dr. Simone.

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Dr. Simone Whitmore is not just a board Certified OB-GYN — she"s also a certified OG the Bravo"s Married to Medicine. She made up one the the original actors members as soon as the show premiered in 2013, in addition to Toya Bush-Harris, Mariah Huq, Dr. Jackie Walters (pictured middle), and Quad Webb.

While the reality show centers roughly uplifting themes like medicine, friendship, and family, over there have additionally been some remarkable feuds top top the show, several of which have affiliated Dr. Simone. To be fair, it seems like many feuds indicate newer cast member Dr. Heavenly Kimes (pictured much right), however Dr. Simone isn"t also shy come speak her truth on camera either. 

By the finish of Season 7 the the series, Dr. Heavenly and also Dr. Simone committed to working on your friendship, according to Bravo"s The daily Dish, yet the Season 8 premiere caught Heavenly confronting Simone about the radio quiet that"s unable to do on for numerous months between them, due to the fact that their last reunion, in fact. So because that fans that drama, remain parked top top Married come Medicine! and also speaking of being married... What"s Dr. Simone"s connection status?

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Dr. Simone Whitmore and her husband, Cecil Whitmore, surprised fans once they revealed that they to plan on divorcing ~ 21 year of marital relationship in 2017, according to People

What led to the rupture between the two? Married to Medicine co-star Mariah Huq gave her opinion, follow to Bravo: "One the the problems I deserve to be empathetic come is the Cecil is as a spouse the a physician. I think as soon as it"s a male in the position, world negate their feelings." Huq added, "Cecil has constantly maintained a effective job however his main job has been a father and mentor to his boys and also they simply sent their earliest to college... He has been there because that Simone and the boys so much and also I think a most it is his duty is changing and having to re-identify his role in terms of obtaining closer to gift empty nesters." 

However, the pair later made decision to reconcile, per People. Dr. Simone spoke to the outlet about how she and also Cecil would work on their marriage, saying, "We agreed we would gain in counseling and stay in counseling to watch if we could work that out."

"For me, I"m not going ago to the method it was," the medical professional added. "Neither one of us to be happy. So we can"t go back to the old dysfunctional relationship that us had. I won"t do it. We"re make the efforts to create something new — something far better — that"s fulfilling because that both of united state where we room both emotion love and enjoying one another"s company." 

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Speaking that Cecil Whitmore, Dr. Simone Whitmore and her husband share two youngsters together, Miles and Michael, according to People. "Kids" is a loose term together Miles checked out college in 2018, yet you gain the drift. In fact, Michael has now also gone off to college, a milestone Dr. Simone celebrated on Instagram in late 2020. "Missing my infant & excited he"s still acquisition my calls." Ha! She included the hashtag "college life." Michael enrolled in Lee university in Tennessee, follow to Bravo, where he"ll also be playing basketball.

Miles and Michael space obviously super nearby to each other, together they crop up in every other"s photos on Instagram. In 2019, Miles common a photo of himself and also his brother together and Dr. Simone commented: "Love to watch my babies having each other"s back."

There"s a most love going approximately the Whitmore family. Michael common a picture on Instagram that himself and his mother in February 2021. "Happy birthday to my twin, my rock, my other half, and most importantly, mine mom," he wrote. Dr. Simone responded: "I will constantly be PROUD the the young male you"ve become regardless that life"s twists & turns. Friend will constantly be my baby BOY!"

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Dr. Simone Whitmore has actually a hefty network worth. In fact, according to Life & Style, the cast of Married come Medicine make much more in a month 보다 most human being do in a year. And even amongst this glittering cast, Dr. Simone is among the richest. She provides over $100,000 a month.

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So what"s her net worth? follow to Celebrity net Worth, Dr. Simone"s precious $3.5 million. She definitely knows exactly how to reap it too. In a hilarious Bravo clip, she was to teach her son, Michael, just how to drive. He wanted to practice in she Maserati but, choose any an excellent car lover, Dr. Simone wasn"t having it. Therefore she opted for your Jaguar because... Casual. "The Jag is old, it"s acquired a few scratches," Dr. Simone claimed to the camera, i m sorry panned ~ above a glistening, perfect car. "What"s one extra scratch?" Oh, if only all teens might learn to journey in Jags!

In an additional Bravo clip, Dr. Simone treated viewers to an exclusive residence tour whereby she walked through her huge Atlanta home. She noted in the kitchen that her hubby, Cecil Whitmore, does many of the cooking. For this reason honestly, she seems to have it all figured out.