Where deserve to I farm Elfroot?

A big elfroot clearing can be uncovered near the Sahrnia Inquisition Camp in Emprise du Lion; head west indigenous the village of Sahrnia; find the north next of the road, there are 17+ to be discovered in a very small area.

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How carry out I uncover quarries in Dragon period Inquisition?

There room two quarries: phibìc west that Dalish camp close to Solas’ pursuit location and also north-east of supplying to the Dread wolf landmark (north of dragon). Pick up the search Map that Halin’sulahn next to it. There are two logging stands together well.

Where deserve to I find canine animal leather Dragon period Inquisition?

Canine leather is a Tier 1 kind crafting material uncovered in Dragon age 3: Inquisition.

Type: Leather.Tier: 1 (Common)Location: The Hinterlands, The Storm Coast, Forbidden Oasis, Crestwood, The west Approach, The Exalted Plains, Emerald Graves, Emprise du Lion, The Hissing Wastes.

Where can I buy cloth in Dragon age Inquisition?


Lambswool1Drops indigenous humanoids
Plaideweave1Drops from humanoids in the Hinterlands
Silk1Drops native humanoids in the Hinterlands. Sometimes drops native Fennecs in the Hinterlands sold by vendor in Val Royeaux
Velveteen1Drops indigenous humanoids in the Hinterlands. Sold by seller in Val Royeaux

Where do you find a logging stand in Dragon Age?

Locations the Quarries & Logging Stands

Haven. 1 x Logging Stand.The Hinterlands. 2 x Logging Stands.The Storm Coast. 2 x Logging stands & 1 x Quarry.Crestwood. 1 x Logging stand & 1 x Quarry.The west Approach. 2 x Logging stands & 3 x Quarries.The Exalted Plains. Emerald Graves. Emprise du Lion.

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Where deserve to I find quarries and also logging stands in Dragon period Inquisition?

Quarries and also logging stands Dragon Age: Inquisition Guide

Haven. The only Logging was standing in Haven has actually been marked with environment-friendly color. The Hinterlands. 2 Logging Stands have been marked with green color. The Storm Coast. Crestwood. Emprise du Lion. The Hissing Wastes. Emerald Graves. Exalted Plains.

Where deserve to I to buy blood Lotus?

Blood Lotus
TierTier 1 Common
LocationThe Fallow Mire, The Storm Coast, Forbidden Oasis, Crestwood, The west Approach, Emerald tombs Sold by: Crossroads Merchant, Caer Bronach Merchant

Where is the exalted levels Dragon period Inquisition?


What level space the locations in Dragon period Inquisition?


Area NameEnemy LevelsMetals/Stone
The west Approach11 – 14Everite Lazurite Paragon’s Luster Serpentstone
Storm Coast7 – 15Iron Serpentstone Summer Stone
The Fallow Mire8 – 15Summer stone Blue Vitriol
Forbidden Oasis8 – 20Paragon’s Luster Serpentstone

What level is the dragon in the exalted Plains?

High Dragons

Dragon NameLocation & Level
Northern HunterCrestwood Level 13
The Abyssal High DragonThe Western approach Level 14
Gamoran StormriderThe Exalted levels Level 15
Greater MistralEmerald tombs Level 17


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