The Toughest decisions Players need to Make In Dragon age Inquisition (& What Happens as soon as You make Them)

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Dragon Age: Inquisition gives players tons of tough options to make. Here"s every little thing that can happen with the game"s many difficult.

Dragon period Inquisition In Hushed Whispers quest
Dragon Age: Inquisition permits players to truly make the story their very own with the choices they select while playing. Throughout the storyline, the Inquisitor will certainly be challenged with making a decision that has actually different aftermath for the plot and will additionally affect the approval rating of your companions. These decisions are usually an overwhelming to make together it"s difficult to please everyone.

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when some aftermath may seem fairly minor, others can have much larger results on the plot, therefore players should be cautious when deciding the fate that Thedas. Fortunately, whatever an Inquisitor needs to know about the toughest key storyline decisions the will challenge their morals room all noted below. Though there are other decisions that players will certainly make depending upon sidequests, the listed below are unmissable and also related come the main story.

Choose in between the Mages or the Templars

Dragon period Inquisition Calpernia and also Samson
The first complicated choice football player will have to make is whether to work with the mages or the templars after "The threat Remains" quest. Players can only align themselves with one or the other, and in act so, those that are not chosen will serve as enemies in ~ the game — either Venatori mages led by Calpernia, or Red Templars led through Samson,

Additionally, the story content will be different, specifically on the subsequent key quest, v "In Hushed Whispers" gift the pursuit to undertake come side with the mages, and "Champions that the Just" the choice to do for the templars. There space two companions tied to this also, Dorian and Cole, and while players can constantly recruit both, they"ll only get an in-depth advent to one of them. Furthermore, selecting the mages way players get to see the ruler of Fereldan, which based on previous game choices could it is in a cameo of a past fan-favorite.

Ally v the Templars or Disband Them

Dragon age Inquisition champions of the simply quest
"Champions the the Just" is the templar course that players will seek if they have made the decision to align through the templars, they"ll have an additional to do at the end of the pursuit — to disband the templars and also have them sign up with the Inquisition, or to allied the Inquisition v the templars and help them to rebuild their order. The after-effects of this will likely echo in future games.

Disbanding the templars:

Disapproves: Blackwall, Cassandra, The iron Bull, Vivienne, and also Dorian. Approves: Sera, Solas, and also Cole.

If players ally with the templars:

Disapproves: Sera, Dorian, and Cole. Approves: Varric, Blackwall, Vivienne, Cassandra, The steel Bull, and also Solas.

Ally through the Mages or Conscript Them

Dragon period Inquisition In Hushed Whispers quest
"In Hushed Whispers" is the mage path and will see players challenge a similar conundrum at the end, to either take the mages together prisoners and conscript lock or to type an alliance through them instead.

Conscripting the mages:

Disapproves: Blackwall, Dorian, Varric (if hawke sided with the mages in DA2), Solas and also Cole. Approves: Cassandra, Varric (if hawk sided with the templars in DA2), The stole Bull, Sera, and Vivienne.

If football player ally with the mages:

Disapproves: The iron Bull, Sera, Varric (if hawk sided v the templars in DA2), Cassandra and also Vivienne. Approves: Blackwall, Varric (if hawke sided with the mages in DA2), Solas, Dorian, and also Cole.

who to leave in the Fade

Dragon period Inquisition feasible Warden Characters
throughout "Here Lies the Abyss", the Inquisitor and firm find us in the Fade. Though they regulate to loss the fear demon that plagues lock while they room there, getting ago to the real people is another matter completely that involves someone staying behind and also sacrificing us so the others can escape. The an option of who needs to remain is between the warden character or Hawke.

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This gets also trickier depending upon the player"s Dragon Age history, together though the default warden is a character referred to as Stroud, the could additionally be one of two people Alistair or Loghain relying on their decision in the previous titles. Players might well uncover themselves choosing in between their old protagonist or a feasible past companion lover. This decision has no result on approval rating straight (though it affects Varric"s top top the following decision), however the after-effects of what this way for succeeding Dragon Age titles remains to it is in seen.

Ally with the Grey Wardens or Exile Them

after ~ leaving the fade, the Inquisitor has to decide the fate the the Grey Wardens who have actually unknowingly to be serving Corypheus and remain vulnerable to his influence. Despite the ahead decision didn"t affect approval ratings, the aftermath of the an option made below are various for Varric depending upon who to be left in the Fade. This decision not just affects your companion"s approval ratings however will likely impact the future of the Dragon Age titles as the Grey Wardens space a massive duty in Thedas.

If the Inquisitor welcomes the Grey Wardens right into the Inquisition:

Disapproves: Vivienne, Cassandra, Cole, Solas, and also Varric (if Hawke stayed in the Fade). Approves: Dorian, Blackwall, The iron Bull, Sera, and Varric (if the warden stayed in the Fade).

If the Inquisitor exiles the Grey Wardens:

Disapproves: Dorian, The stole Bull, Sera, Blackwall, and Varric (if the warden stayed in the Fade). Approves: Vivienne, Cassandra, Cole, Solas, and also Varric (if Hawke stayed in the Fade). Additionally, if Blackwall is in the party the player can select whether he must leave in exile also.

The Fate the Orlais

The following story search is "Wicked Eyes and also Wicked Hearts", i beg your pardon has many outcomes relying on what proof the player retrieves transparent the quest and the choices they make at the finish of it. The future the Orlais is in the Inquisitor"s hand together they choose the next ruler, if lock don"t conserve Celene the is. There space three potential candidates: Celene (the present ruler) intends to store the peace, when Gaspard desires to walk to war with Ferelden, and lastly, Briala desires the elves to start an uprising for equal rights. This decision will certainly likely affect future titles.

Players deserve to save Celene and also then have the selection of implicating Briala or Gaspard based upon evidence, that will climate be executed uneven the Inquisitor intervenes. The Inquisitor have the right to encourage them all to work together, and also can even assist reunite Celene and also Briala in their relationship. However, if Celene died during the quest, the player must pick the next ruler from the two remaining candidates.

Support Gaspard:

Disapproves: Vivienne, Dorian, Cole, and also Blackwall. Approves: Sera, The stole Bull, and also Cassandra.

Support Briala:

Disapproves: Sera, Blackwall, Cassandra, and also Vivienne. Approves: Dorian, Solas, and Cole.

Support Celene:

Approves: The iron Bull

If Celene and Briala Reunite:

Approves: Cassandra, Cole, and Dorian.

If Everyone Lives:

Disapproves: Cassandra Approves: Blackwall, Sera, and also Cole.

If Florianne is Arrested:

Approves: The steel Bull, Blackwall, Dorian, and Sera.

If Celene is Saved:

Approves: Blackwall, Sera, and Cole.

If Celene Dies:

Disapproves: Cole, Blackwall, and also Sera. Approves: Cassandra, Dorian, and The stole Bull.

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that Drinks indigenous the Well

in ~ the finish of "What Pride had Wrought", players have to decide who drinks indigenous the fine of Sorrows, a source of information that stop the collective expertise of the ancient elves. Morrigan urges the Inquisitor to select her as result of her already extensive understanding of the ancient race, as well as being the main factor the fine isn"t destroyed or bring away by Corypheus. However, the player deserve to instead pick to have actually the Inquisitor drink that themselves.

if it might seem favor a identify win, it"s hinted at that drinking native the well can not it is in the finest idea. Have to the Inquisitor drink indigenous the well, they will certainly later have to defeat a dragon, however if Morrigan drinks it, then this won"t it is in the case. However, the player will miss out on the "On burn Wings" achievement/trophy bound to defeating the dragon if they pick Morrigan over the Inquisitor. Without spoiling the deeper consequences of drink the well, this decision will certainly likely impact the following title in the series.

If the Inquisitor Drinks:

Disapproves: Dorian, Solas, and also Sera. Approves: Blackwall (if no romanced through the Inquisitor), Cassandra, The stole Bull, and also Vivienne.

If Morrigan Drinks:

Disapproves: Cassandra, The stole Bull, and also Vivienne. Approves: Blackwall (if romanced by the Inquisitor), Dorian, Sera, and Solas.

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