Hercule’s house is one of five areas you have the right to do bonus goals at in Conton City. Hercule is all around earning Zeni and working through The great Saiyaman. Examine out this Dragon sphere Xenoverse 2 Hercule’s House overview for assist earning Zeni indigenous Hercule!

Dragon round Xenoverse 2 Hercule’s house Guide

Hercule will give you goals as his human body Guard and also if you finish them you will certainly earn part Zeni.

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Hercule Mission 1 – This one is supervisor simple, simply do 5 missions and return. These can be PQs or also missions indigenous other locations like Frieza’s ship or the Namek Area. The prize is 2000 Zeni.

Hercule Mission 2 – His second mission is to land a 35 fight Combo which I currently did. You deserve to do this v other personalities or carry out it with prefer Meteor Crash or another Strike move that keeps going till you run out that Ki. I choose to begin a regular combo and also then use Metear Crash come get higher Combos therefore that’s how I ended up through it. The prize is another 2000 Zeni.

Hercule Mission 3 – another do goals one except this time that is 6. 5000 Zeni is the reward this time.

Hercule Mission 4 – now he will desire you to perform a 45 fight combo i m sorry is a bit more tricky. I did the basic combo, hitting square a bunch(X top top Xbox), and also when they walk flying ns warped behind them and also activated Meteor Crash and also easily got over a 50 Combo. An additional 5000 Zeni reward.

Hercule Mission 5 – beginning to view a sample here. Now he will want you to do 8 goals of any type of type. 8000 Zeni this time.

Hercule Mission 6 – This time he desires a 50 struggle combo, i beg your pardon I got when i was doing the 45 struggle combo. Do the exact same thing girlfriend did for the 45 combo however use Meteor Crash with more Ki this time. 8000 Zeni again.

Hercule Mission 7 – 10 quests this time, 10000 Zeni reward.

Hercule Mission 8 – clear 5 objectives without taking any type of damage. Currently this one is a little bit tricky, you deserve to just repeat low level PQs and get away v it if you room struggling. Another 10000 Zeni is her reward here.

Hercule Mission 9 – The mission claims something around joining others on missions yet I go them solo and go away through it, 12 missions this time. 20000 Zeni reward because that beating this one.

Hercule Mission 10 – for this one you must defeat 10 opponents in skilled Missions which ns don’t have actually unlocked in ~ the moment.

great Saiyaman Missions
The an excellent Saiyaman is also here and can provide you objectives if friend want. Speak to the group near the wall and expropriate the mission to join them.

Great Saiyaman Mission 1 – because that this mission you need to take out good Saiyaman 1 and 2 there is no Jaco dropping to 50% HP. Take out Saiyamen 1 an initial because the is more powerful then run onto 2. The mission isn’t the hard due to the fact that they don’t fight Jaco at complete strength. If you beat the mission you will certainly get an excellent Saiyaman fit which upgrades HP, Stamina and Strike Supers but downgrade Ki, basic Attacks and Strike Supers.

Great Saiyaman Mission 2 – every you have to do for this mission is loss the Ginyu Force. You will certainly earn some Zeni and also most likely gain a Capsule of part sort.

Great Saiyaman Mission 3 – This unlocked after i beat Zarbon and also Dodoria in the story and I to be level 35. It will be the 3 of oyu against three arbitrarily Time Patrollers and also they got some HP. Emphasis on one and let the other two emphasis on the two remaining. When you bring one down, the remainder will fall easily.

Great Saiyaman Mission 4 – i think ns was a little bit ahead since I wasn’t also done v the Frieza saga yet and also this mission has actually you taking on cell Jr, Cell and Super Buu. Ns ws level 38 when it opened up up. Take down the 6 cell Jrs then complete off Cell and Super Buu.

Great Saiyaman Mission 5 – This mission is a tiny different indigenous the others, you need to revive everyone that is down. Focus on reviving people and this will be over quickly because Gohan help out. Ns tried to defeat the Saibamen top top the very first one and it me destructed top top me and also KOed me.

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Great Saiyaman Mission 6 – This mission is intense, a fight versus the Shenron Dragons. Thankfully you have the right to avoid fighting and just collect the parts for Guru. Usage your scouter, left on the D pad while not locked on and pick increase the items.