1. Whereby is G-Eazy from?

G-Eazy was in reality born and raised in Oakland California, before moving to new Orleans to walk to college and pursue his dreams of being a rapper.

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2. G-Eazy once toured through Drake yet was required to come house by his school teacher.

He said Respect Mag: "I had actually to negotiate v my teacher on just how to miss around two weeks of classes and also to be able to just send in my homework and shot to stay on height of whatever while ns was top top the road... then one of them told me if i missed another class the I would fail. So, we had to beat the present then journey straight ago to new Orleans come get ago to that stupid class."


3. What is G-Eazy's real name?

Its Gerald! His full name is Gerald Earl Gillum. That is of Ukranian decent.


4. That sold many of his thing to fund his laboratory career.

After graduating from university in 2012, that went on a 40-date America's most Wanted Music Festival through Lil Wayne, TI and also 2 Chainz there is no technically having a "home" or numerous possessions. That told roll Stone: "What prices the world to you as a working kid fresh out of college, expenses nothing come you as a effective musician… i felt prefer the idea, the creative content, was so much more valuable than any physical content. Prefer if this works, I can buy 100 couches."


5. Gerald's layout is influenced by Johnny Cash.

Speaking come Hip Hop DX about his distinctive look, that said: "My mom would play all these old Johnny Cash records and also stuff, and my grandpa was real large on it. I flourished up through my grandparents—my mom, aunts, uncles in this large house. Ns was simply raised approximately that type of music. I constantly thought he to be cool, simply being a rebel, dressing in every black, and also not wanting to constantly conform."


6. Just how did he obtain his big break?

G-Eazy got his large break once he released his mixtape 'The countless Summer' in 2011, which earned that the possibility to walk on tour with Drake and also Lil Wayne. From there Gerald wrote, recorded, and also produced his first full-length album 'Must it is in Nice' completely independently - and earned the No. 3 spot on the iTunes Hip-Hop Chart.

7. He describes his music together '50s society with contemporary rap.

"I was simply raised roughly that sort of music," he told i know well Hop DX. "I’m all about pulling together totally different styles of music, different genres, different cultures and also combining the two. Therefore you have actually this idea that this so late ‘50s at an early stage ‘60s kinda culture blended with modern Rap."

8. Once did G-Eazy's debut album drop?

Gerald's first album 'These things Happen' was in reality released in 2014 and reached #3 ~ above the united state Billboard charts. Speaking to Billboard, he described the project as "me in mine 20s on a wild roller coaster surrounding by parties, tours and temptations." The album featured A$AP Ferg, E-40, Danny Seth, and also more.

9. G-Eazy loves to carry his mum ~ above tour v him.

G-Eazy is really close come his mother and also loves to lug her come his shows. He even once invited her on stage to smoke with him!

10. He has actually over 1 million Instagram followers!

As well as releasing music, G-Eazy is also really active on society media. He currently has end one million followers on Instagram and loves come post an innovative and amazing photos.

11. He had actually a difficult upbringing.

Gerald's mom left his father once he was young and also began dating one more woman, i beg your pardon left him puzzled without a father number in his life. He initially disliked the relationship but slowly grew to expropriate the situation. Yet his mother's partner became depressed and fatally overdosed. G-Eazy speak the story of how he discovered her dead human body in his basement in his tune 'Everything will Be OK'.

12. G-Eazy's recent album 'When that Dark Out' outsold stack Ross' black color Market.

According come Hits everyday Double, G-Eazy's long-awaited second album 'When its Dark Out' sold roughly 110k in its first week in comparison to rick Ross' new album 'Black Market', i beg your pardon sold around 65k - despite being released in the same week.

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13. G-Eazy dropped a huge freestyle top top Tim Westwood's funding XTRA show.

While G-Eazy remained in the UK cultivating his brand-new album 'When that Dark Out', that dropped right into Tim Westwood's Saturday night display on capital XTRA to deliver a large freestyle. "Moved to a large ass crib on 20 acres, just met Angelina and also Brad, they're trusted neighbours" he rapped. "Ain't too numerous real persons left there's plenty fakers, look at at all these rappers there's lot of of indicators."