1. That all started innocently as soon as Drake started attending Serena's tennis matches back in 2011.

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Drake became a pan of Serena Williams earlier in 2011 and began watching her matches from the stands. He was spotted in ~ a number of her games cheering her on indigenous the sidelines. Picture: Getty


2. Climate he post this...

Back in 2011, Drake permit everyone recognize that he had a point for the united state tennis champion when he posted this really suggestive post on Twitter. The tweet likewise hinted the pair were spending time together off the court.


3. Remember once Drake stated Serena Williams in a song?

It was clear the pair had actually struck increase a flirty relationship as soon as Drake name-dropped Serena on his 'Nothing to be The Same' track 'Worst Behaviour'. Including to his previous pointer the two invested time together, he rapped: "I'm v my entirety set/Tennis matches in ~ the crib/ i swear I might beat Serena when she playin' through her left."


4. Serena Williams' ex-boyfriend typical did, and also he fired off a diss track at Drake.

Serena Williams' ex-fling typical sent subliminal shots in ~ Drake top top his 2011 song 'Sweet', inferring that the Canadian rapper to be "soft". A couple of standout lines native the track include: "Singing all around me man, la la la/ you ain't motherf***ing frank Sinatra." Picture: Getty


5. And Drake fired earlier at common with among his sexty verses yet.

After listening Common's diss song, Drizzy wasn't impressed. An initial he hit earlier in one interview, adding that although he sings he "ain't no b**ch" and also challenged usual to say those comment to his face. Drake climate unleashed among his biggest verses on rick Ross' 2011 song 'Stay Schemin' firing off lyrics such as: "shawty wanna call me secrets around a lab n*gga/I told that b**ch its more attractive once you host it down."


6. Typical confirmed the he dissed Drake due to the fact that of his relationship with Serena Williams.

After firing turn off a number of diss monitor at Drake, Common and Drake eventually squashed your rap feud in 2012. In one interview, typical later confirmed that Drizzy's growing relationship through Serena was the cause of his animosity with the Canadian rapper. "For me, i think it was an emotionally thing," the said. "Unfortunately the war might have to be over a girl, also though at the moment I never said that." Picture: Getty

7. Fast-forward to 2015 and also Drizzy was spotted paying really close fist to Serena at Wimbledon.

During his pilgrimage to London in 2015, Drizzy was pictured spending his spare time supporting Serena Williams in ~ Wimbledon. He satellite alongside she team in the stands and also reportedly spent time with her turn off the court. Picture: Getty

8. The then celebrated her Wimbledon win on Instagram.

After the town hall Serena Williams claim her 2015 Wimbledon title, Drake reacted on Instagram through posting photo of her holding the trophy, alongside the caption: “Showtime Champ. A large plate for all the food friend ate at Wimbledon!”

9. He ongoing to support Serena indigenous the stands in ~ a number of her matches about the world.

Tennis fans began noticing the Drake was coming to be a regular at Serena Williams' matches. Rumours started circling about a possible romance between the pair back both sides remained very quiet ~ above the subject. Picture: Getty

10. Then, Drake and Serena Williams to be spotted kissing...

Things began heating up between Drake and also Serena once they were spotted making the end in the VIP section of a restaurant in Cincinnati, US. Photos and video footage the the moment started circulating ~ above the Internet.

11. Not once, but twice...

Video footage emerged of Drizzy and Serena Williams kissing as they left what appeared to be a restaurant or a hotel. Drake have the right to be viewed walking her to one awaiting car.

12. Drake then released a freestyle the posed much more questions. Walk they break up?

With talk of a potential relationship in between Drake and Serena Williams dominating the Internet, Drake released a really interesting freestyle end The Weeknd's 'Tell your Friends'. That glided end the production with a number of sporting references: "The ball is in her court/No defence, nobody’s maintaining score/No offence however I’ve played this before/Maybe girlfriend can however you simply don’t treatment anymore". Picture: Getty

13. Serena Williams and also Kim Kardashian stopper tea.

Serena Williams and also Kim Kardashian to be spotted having actually lunch together without Kanye West and without Drake. This photograph posed numerous questions. Whereby were the rappers? how do the women recognize each other? did Drake introduce Serena to Kim? What kind of tea to be they drinking?! Picture: Instagram

14. Drake to be then spotted at Serena Williams' biggest match of the year in 2015.

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With Serena Williams one enhance away from securing her standing as the best female tennis player of she generation, Drizzy to be again sustaining her native the stands. Yet after she was defeated in the semi-finals the the united state Open, he quickly came to be a scapegoat for she loss - many world blamed the Canadian rapper for making Serena lose focus. But the pair left the complement together. Picture: Getty

15. Drake was spotted watching Serena Willams' at Wimbledon 2018.

The pair's romantic web links may be lengthy in the past, with Serena now married v her first child, however that hasn't stopped Drake from preventing by Wimbledon to watch the tennis whilst he's in London ~ a surprised performance at Wireless Festival. Photograph by Michael Steele/Getty Images