One the the trickier difficulties of Fortnite‘s season 4, mainly 5 is the one because that driving a auto from Slurpy Swamp come Catty corner in much less than 4 minutes without gaining out that the car. The an essential to completing this challenge is making sure you come prepared. In this guide, we’ll show you specifically what you have to do to conveniently get to your destination without acquiring out that your car — and we’ll offer you part pointers follow me the way.

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Here’s exactly how to drive a car from Slurpy Swamp come Catty edge in much less than 4 minutes without gaining out in Fortnite.

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How to collection up the challenge


The most necessary thing about this challenge is ensuring friend have enough gas to get to Catty corner from Slurpy Swamp. It’ll take around half a tank to get there from your beginning point, therefore land at the gas terminal in the northern section that Slurpy Swamp to gain started. Once you land, you’ll uncover a couple of gas canisters roughly the external of the gas station, so grab one and then head the end the front door, wherein you’ll watch a truck. Usage the image above for reference.

This truck isn’t the fastest vehicle, however it will absolutely get the job done. In ~ this point, don’t fill the automobile up simply yet. Instead, drive it come the center of Slurpy Swamp and then jump out to fill it up. This way, you’re getting an ext mileage the end of the truck by ensuring you start the difficulty with a full tank. Once your automobile is at 100% gas, mark Catty corner on your map and also begin driving toward it. Beginning now, execute not leave your vehicle, or you’ll failure the challenge.

How to drive from Slurpy Swamp come Catty edge in much less than four minutes without getting out


From here, the course isn’t precisely linear, however it’s straightforward enough. Us recommend cutting corners and driving increase hills if possible. It could seem like the truck can’t make it up these inclines, yet just save the cause held down, and it’ll slowly crawl up the various hills you’ll come across. For the many part, though, girlfriend can definitely get by with sticking come the roads. 4 minutes might not sound like lot time, but it’s in reality plenty the time, as long as you’ve filled up her tank before starting.

In the video below, you can see the entire process from begin to finish. What’s nice about this an obstacle is the the video game recognizes when you’re attempting it and will put up a countdown timer in the height left. You’ll notification that also with multiple mistakes (like forgetting to note the destination before embarking ~ above the journey), we were tho able to make it top top time.

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As lengthy as friend don’t gain out that the car and you keep relocating toward Catty Corner, you’ll make it there through time to spare. We recommend that you reduced through Misty grasslands to obtain there quickly. When you come at Catty Corner, girlfriend don’t need to do noþeles special. You’ll gain credit because that completing the challenge right away, so there’s no have to jump the end or anything to cause completion. After you obtain there, you’ll it is in rewarded v 25,000 XP for her troubles — not bad for less than 4 minutes the work.