Nick Carter’s Dancing v the Stars partner, Sharna Burgess, has defended the Backstreet young after he was accused of rape by former Dream singer, Melissa Schuman.

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In an essay posted on she blog earlier this month, Schuman alleged Carter sexually struck herduring a visit to his house when she was 18 and also he to be 22. In a declare issued come ET, the 37-year-old young bander stated he to be “shocked and saddened” by the accusations and also that Schuman did not express that their actions were non-consensual.

In videos post on Twitter ~ above Saturday, burgess praised Carter"s character,noting that she was not victim shaming Schuman, however simply wished come share positive about“one the the many respectful men that ns have ever danced through on the show.”

After explicate Carter together “sweet and also understanding,” burgess -- whose partnership through the singer and actorsaw them place second on season 21 of the abc competition series -- sharp out just how the pop star has actually never been one come shy far from his mistakes.

“What ns loved about Nick was that he always took ownership of the points that he’d been through -- the darkness in his history, the mistakes that he’d made,” citizen said. “He wanted to be an extremely open about them and how the felt around them, also though lock were an extremely heavy and also hard for him come say out loud, so the he can inspire other people to be better and discover from him.”

Burgess also discussed how the “Burning Up” singer treated everyone he encountered v respect during his time top top DWTS.

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“This man would treat craft and the PAs and all the crew and grips, and then the dancers come the producers -- everybody to be treated the exact same by Nick,” she said. “No one got an ext attention than the other and even in the many stressful the moments, not when did he ever before speak to anybody badly, need anything, end up being a diva or present anything ugly. absolute gratitude because that being there and also having make it the far, and a enthusiasm for functioning hard and trying to execute better.”

“This is me saying, ‘Nick, i adore you. I think you room such a an excellent person native the inside to the out, and also I think that that will certainly shine through,"” she added. “I think that the truth constantly shines through.”

Part 1. These are just my thoughts, this is no victim shaming, y’all know me and also I would certainly never. Just since I support Nick, doesn’t average I don’t support female empowerment or #metoo. They are both motions that ns am a part of, below for and also proud of.

Burgess’ videos came after she got an influx of responses to a tweet promoting a blog posted on fan site, What happens on the Backstreet, which challenged aspects of Schuman’s allegations and also questioned her previous actions, such together tweeting Carter heartfelt condolences adhering to the 2012 fatality of his sister, Leslie.

nickcarter and the accusations, yet until then... Ill just leave this appropriate here. Please recognize your facts prior to stating your opinion. Https://

— Sharna citizen (

Meanwhile, Schuman showed up on Friday’s illustration of The Dr. Oz Show,in which she discussed her claims further and said she wished Carter “only the best.”


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