If you’re desire a scenic Wisconsin road trip, avoid searching. This is it. Eau Claire, WI, simply less than two hours north that La Crosse, WI is the perfect location for folks who want to gain a an excellent look at the beauty the is west Wisconsin. We’ve picked the end a couple of stops along the way that give you a good mix of scenery from Highway 53 and also Highway 35, or otherwise known as the an excellent River Road. Strap yourselves in for what you’ll watch along Highway 35 due to the fact that the sights room epic. Take trip and recreation named the good River Road one of the “7 ideal Midwest road Trips in the U.S.” as you drive up phibìc to Eau Claire, component of your expedition will be accompanied by the greatest views of the Mississippi River, lush Wisconsin valleys, and chiseled limestone bluffs. Begin your car and also pull increase the map due to the fact that we are going ~ above a road pilgrimage to Eau Claire, WI!


2. Perrot State Park in Trempealeau, WI. Did you load your long boots? You’ll need them because that this stop! Perrot State Park, wherein the Mississippi River and also Trempealeau flow meet, provides hikes up 500-foot bluffs and also trails right beside the flow bank. This assures some breathtaking see from both high and low. Even driving into the park itself, girlfriend feel prefer you space being hugged by the trees the hang over the road! funny fact: Perrot State Park is so unique to southwestern Wisconsin due to the fact that there are goat prairies perched high on the bluffs!


4. Midwest Indie in Eau Claire, WI.The wine tasting doesn’t have to stop in Trempealeau! now that you’ve make it come Eau Claire, there room several various other wineries to tour in our neck that the state. If alcohol isn’t her cup the tea, we have actually breweries too! No matter what you select for your itinerary to explore Eau Claire, you will obtain the can be fried taste the what provides us the indie capital of the midwest. As shortly as you arrive, you’ll immerse yourself in our arts and culture scene that makes us that we are. You can check out the job-related of regional artists through the sculpture tourism or muse end the many vivid murals. You obtain to select what to experience in Eau Claire so, try something new and examine out few of the signature experiences in Eau Claire that will culminate in memories and also lessons that will certainly leave you wanting more.

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Alright, let’s fuel up that tank and also hit the road. The road and Eau Claire awaits you! We’ll view you soon!