These days, it’s basically impossible to store up v what women from 16 and Pregnant are having their second babies — yet it is a bit an ext noteworthy when one the the former MTV stars is on baby No. 3. The latest human being that’s the case with is Ebony Jackson, who was featured throughout the very an initial season that 16 and also Pregnant.

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The Ashley’s reality Roundup reports Ebony is expecting her 3rd baby girl top top June 22. The father is boyfriend James Baldrick, who has a daughter the his own and also promotes a 4/20 club in Colorado Springs. James to be the one that announced the news earlier this month by sharing an ultrasound ~ above Instagram. He included they plan to surname their daughter Jaelyn Zoria Baldrick.


This is in reality Ebony’s 5th pregnancy, however she sadly shed two other babies indigenous an ectopic pregnant in 2011 and a miscarriage last year.

Ebony’s journey due to the fact that her 2009 illustration aired has been interesting to say the least: After welcoming daughter Jocelyn, Ebony married josh Rendon and also he joined the waiting force. However, the pair was arrested and their climate 2-year-old daughter to be taken far by CPS in 2011 as soon as authorities uncovered they had untenable life conditions.

“During the search detectives located about 1 gram of man-made marijuana together with several empty packages of artificial marijuana. Paraphernalia in the kind of a range of smoking tools (pipes) and also deplorable conditions in the house,” the police report said. “Every room inside the residence had actually human and dog feces top top the floor, walls, and also clothing. The residence was complete of flies and in part areas, maggots. Animal control was dubbed to retrieve 3 dog that had been within the house.”

After (literally) cleaning up their act, Ebony and Josh regained custody of your daughter in 2012 — shortly prior to welcoming their second daughter, Jayda. Ebony and also Josh break-up less than a year later and also he reportedly has actually custody that their 2 daughters. After her divorce, Ebony began dating a mrs she knew native high school.

“I don’t love a human being for their sex — masculine or female,” she told us in august 2013. “It’s the person within that matters the most and also how castle treat you.”

It appears that connection was short-lived, because she started dating James more than one year ago.

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The Ashley note Ebony is the fifth person native 16 and also Pregnant to have three children. Two others, Lori Wickelhaus and Kristina Robinson, have had actually three solitary births. Leah Calvert and Jennifer Del Rio, that both have twins, likewise have 3 kids.