Forrest Griffin and Matt Parrino failure the new rankings after three events and three days blew up the pound-for-pound list. Cain Velasquez and also Derrick Lewis took large strides as well last weekend.

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Forrest Griffin and also Matt Parrino breakdown the brand-new rankings after 3 events and three days go out up the pound-for-pound list. Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Eddie Alvarez and also Daniel Cormier all make big moves this week.


Eddie Alvarez came to be the champion that the"s lightweight division on Thursday at Fight Night ras Vegas. Alvarez knocked out champ Rafael Dos Anjos in ring 1 in tremble fashion.


There"s a new champion in the"s lightweight division. Eddie Alvarez knocked out Rafael Dos Anjos in ring 1 in ~ Fight Night las Vegas.


Derrick Lewis spoke inside the Octagon through announcer Jon Anik about his separation decision victory over Roy Nelson in the co-main occasion of struggle Night ras Vegas.


Derrick Lewis won his 16th agree fight top top Saturday at Fight Night ras Vegas, yet it was his first win through decision. Lewis beat Roy Nelson by break-up decision for his 4th consecutive win.

Joe Duffy had actually the KO that the night once he finished Mitch Clarke 25 seconds into the an initial round. Duffy now sits at 3-1 in the after his victory at fight Night ras Vegas.

Watch the highlights from Wednesday"s struggle Night ras Vegas Weigh-in, consisting of the stars of the main occasion Rafael Dos Anjos and also Eddie Alvarez.

Watch the main weigh-in for Fight Night: Dos Anjos vs Alvarez ~ above Wednesday, July 6 in ~ 7pm/4pm ETPT from the T-MOBILE Arena Plaza.

Watch all the memorable punches and kicks native Tuesday"s open up Workouts front of struggle Night ras Vegas and also The can be fried Fighter Finale top top Thursday and also Friday. Also, hear from Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Rafael Dos Anjos and also more.

John Gooden and also Dan Hardy take it on the inside The Octagon One Round difficulty as lock look front to Rafael Dos Anjos and Eddie Alvarez this Thursday night, specifically on fight PASS. Minute organize Lisa Foiles previews few of the best under-the-radar fights native all 3 events throughout International fight Week 2016. commentator Jon Anik hosts the unique Fight Night ras Vegas through matchmakers Joe Silva and also Sean Shelby. The trio preview the key event between Eddie Alvarez and also Rafael Dos Anjos exclusive on fight PASS.

Rafael Dos Anjos states he isn"t going to let Eddie Alvarez take it his lightweight belt at Fight Night ras Vegas. Don"t miss out on their clash on July 7 live from las Vegas and exclusively on hit PASS.

Ahead of the most action-packed mainly in history, will host a media conference speak to with Rafael Dos Anjos, Eddie Alvarez, Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar Tuesday, June 28 in ~ 2 p.m. PT/5 p.m. ET. lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos will safeguard his title for the 2nd time on July 7, dealing with No. 1 contender Eddie Alvarez in the main occasion of a special FIGHT pass card at the MGM cool Garden Arena. Live and Exclusive on struggle PASS! lightweight champion Rafael Dos Anjos discusses what provides him the can be fried warrior in the Octagon. Don"t miss out on Dos Anjos protect his title for the 2nd time in ~ Fight Night las Vegas ~ above July 7, specifically on hit PASS.

Get one intimate look in ~ the resides of the two men training for their upcoming lightweight title fight, champion Rafael Dos Anjos and also challenger Eddie Alvarez. Streaming ~ above YouTube on June 27.

Watch the post-fight push conference for Fight Night: Dos Anjos vs Alvarez live following the event.

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Rafael Dos Anjos place his lightweight belt on the line versus Eddie Alvarez in ~ Fight Night las Vegas ~ above July 7 specifically on struggle PASS.