There to be plenty of bags and also jewelry in the Eddie Borgo because that Target line obtainable at the Target on path 30 East.

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A day after the launch of Target’s latest designer collaboration, there’s still plenty the Eddie Borgo for Target bags, jewelry and also charms in Lancaster.

That’s quite different from the Lilly Pulitzer collaboration, which marketed out in minutes at Lancaster Targets in April.

Borgo"s galaxy-inspired repertoire hit stores on Sunday to small fanfare. The store’s residence page advertised black color Friday on Monday morning with no point out of Eddie Borgo. Articles on Twitter and Instagram were conquered by display shots indigenous the pick stores v the merchandise, in addition to photos of some shoppers’ hauls.

T1150 College suggest ready w/ #EddieBorgo because that our guest! Nice!

— Lashanna Rodriguez (
SoftVIBElines) July 12, 2015

The collection has actually customizable necklaces, bracelets, earrings, belts and also bags. Girlfriend can add removable charms, totems and also studs.

The heat was influenced by the craft culture of the "60s and also "70s, according to Target.

“We created components that every come apart and also go back together – everything’s convertible,” stated designer Eddie Borgo.

The designer released his an initial collection in 2008. He defines his work as a research in geometric classicism, architecture and graphic shapes. His edgy occupational made that runner-up in the CFDA/Vogue Fashion fund awards in 2010. A year later, he won the CFDA Swarovski compensation for innovation in accessory design and was a co-recipient of the very first CFDA/Vogue Tiffany & Co. Breakthrough Grant.

He’s likewise created a renowned jewelry collection filled with pearls and studs because that J. Crew in 2011.

The Target collection’s much much more affordable from Borgo main lines, where leather bags deserve to cost an ext than $3,000 and also necklaces expense up come $1,000. The Target bags expense $19.99 come $44.99 jewelry is $14.99. Belts room $24.99.

There are likewise two elaborate wall art mobiles ($39.99 and also $49.99).

Online, you can obtain a 3D-printed number charm in a pair of finishes (gold plated, climbed gold and also more) which range from $50.99 to $88.99. Few of the other items are currently sold-out online and also there space a few pieces noted on eBay.

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Locally, the Target on path 30 eastern had fairly a couple of bags and also jewelry obtainable Monday morning.

Did girlfriend score your favorite items in this collaboration? If not, what"s on her wish list? room you excited around the next participation - lots of plaids from designer Adam Lippes?