Jeff Lynne’s ELO Sets very first U.S. Tour in over 35 Years

Rock Hall-inducted tape plot very first North American trek because 1981


Jeff Lynne and his electrical Light Orchestra have announced a summer 2018 phibìc American arena tour, the band's an initial U.S. Trek in end 35 years.

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Jeff Lynne and also his electric Light Orchestra have announced a summer 2018 phibìc American arena tour, the absent Hall-inducted band’s very first U.S. Trek in over 35 years.

ELO’s first U.S. Tour because 1981 kicks turn off August 2nd at Oakland, California’s Oracle Arena and also spreads 10 shows over 3 weeks before concluding august 24th in ~ Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center.

“Our audiences room amazing. It’s like they’re in the group. We can’t wait come play because that them again,” Lynne claimed in a statement.

Tickets for ELO’s tourism go on sale November 17th in ~ Ticketmaster. The notice of the tourism comes four days prior to the come of ELO’s Wembley or Bust concert film/live album; fans that preorder that set will get a “priority access” pre-sale code permitting them to purchase tickets come ELO’s phibìc American tour beginning November 14th.

Jeff Lynne’s ELO tour Dates

August 2 – Oakland, CA
Oracle ArenaAugust 4 – Los Angeles, CA
The ForumAugust 8 – Denver, CO
Pepsi CenterAugust 10 – Houston, TX
Toyota CenterAugust 13 – Dallas, TX
American airlines CenterAugust 15 – Rosemont, IL
Allstate ArenaAugust 16 – Detroit, MI
little Caesars ArenaAugust 18 – Toronto, on
waiting Canada CentreAugust 21 – new York, NY
Madison Square GardenAugust 24 – Philadelphia, PA
Wells Fargo Center

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