We recognize that it’s a frustrating instance to it is in stranded in the center of the road with her vehicle.

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Whether it’s an accident or a auto breakdown, the professionals at upstream Towing & Recovery will certainly respond quickly to aid you.


Our drivers go through substantial training and continuing education and learning to best serve girlfriend in your time that need.


We take it pride in our fleet. At upstream Towing & Recovery, ours trucks are late model and also kept in immaculate condition.

We have the right to work straight with your cases adjuster or insurance agency to aid you navigate the situation.


We are available 24 hours a day and are fast to answers to every situations. Contact Elite Towing & restore day or night! 


Our founder has years of suffer with various other towing solutions in the Portland area before he determined to open up Elite Towing & Recovery. We’re a agency on which everybody deserve to rely top top in any type of kind of situation. We understand that the many important element of great service is connecting through our customers. You will certainly be pleasure to understand that our drivers will take care of your devices with your finest interest in mind.

We have top-quality equipment and also highly trained employee to make certain you receive top quality experience when you rental us. Our 24/7 dispatch operator work about the clock come ensure you feeling safe and also comfortable till our towing crew get you. Native lockouts and also towing to tire changes and also jump starts, we’ve acquired you covered.

Since 2015, we have actually been helping v accident recovery to stop further damages to her vehicle. Girlfriend can call our dispatchers 24/7 or request a service by click the link listed below. Contact us for more information about the solutions that us cover.

Professionalism, Quality

Called upstream after we totaled our car and also our endure was really great considering the circumstances. Ns was impression by the treatment we obtained on the phone, the message updates we obtained while we waited, and also excellent service from Gary is plainly an professional at what he does and also gave united state some an excellent advice about how to take care of the next measures in ours situation. Really great customer organization throughout.

Valerie A.

Helpful In a Time the Need.

When one of my children hit the lock switch on my automobile with the keys inside, Courtney arrived about an hour after ns submitted the lockout request v Allstate. I live out in the country, and also it was late, so ns was nice impressed with how rapid she got to me. She to be friendly, efficient, and fast, and had the car open within about 10 minutes.

Hope M.

Great Experience!

My driver was Courtney K, she is at sight professional, knowledgeable and also truly knows great customer service! She made sure to call me to save me to update on her ETA, answered every my questions and also is all at once a supervisor friendly person. Many thanks to her I had a good experience with Elite.

Boone N.

Quality, Punctuality, Value!

We to be high centered up the Clackamas river 45 miles from cabinet service. A an excellent Samaritan gave us a ride come Estacada where we called Elite for help. All interaction was professional. We were kept educated while us waited together daylight faded and also temperatures dropped. The tow van operator, Gary, arrived at the promised time and put united state at ease and hauled us back out to our car. He executed the extraction v experience and efficiency and checked several times on the method back to make certain the vehicle was performing properly and was no damaged. Ns am no happy through myself for making such a bonehead move but I am grateful Elite Towing and also Gary to be able to help me the end in together a top quality way!

Jay W.

Quick, Fantastic

I was matched up with Elite Towing by mine insurance roadside assistance. I was easily contacted by your office, and then driver to confirm location and also wait time. Courtney to be fantastic; excellent solution time, supervisor friendly, and had me loaded up in no time! Would very recommend!

Caleb T.

Amazing Service!

Our company man to be amazing. He came out and also was able to start our car and also did not even charge us for any kind of service fee. That was an extremely nice and also wonderful to work-related with. Us need more professionals choose him.

Thank you!!

Mikki L.

Super Fast!

Had 2 level tires beforehand morning top top my way home from work, dubbed up my insurance and also elite towing and also recovery confirmed up super fast! Courtney K to be super friendly and amazing! Dropped turn off my automobile at a tire shop and also even reduce me turn off at residence a couple of blocks away! highly recommend elite and Courtney K.

Sergio C.

Punctual Professionalism!

BRYAN to be SO HELPFUL!! that WENT method BEYOND HIS job TO HELP. I absolutely WOULD recommend HIM come ANYONE using ELITE TOWING ????

Jeanine F.

Compassionate and also Professional!

I was treated compassionately both while calling because that a tow and also by the driver. Ns appreciated the message that maintained me update on once the tow was assigned and also when to mean the tow to arrive. Brandon to be so useful especially since I was feeling pretty shook increase by the accident

Peggy P.

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Since June 2015, we have actually been helping with accident recovery to prevent further damage to your vehicle. Girlfriend can contact our dispatchers 24/7 to help with your towing needs.