While we don"t obtain to see John Krasinski and Emily blunt grace the silver display together often (they"ve just starred in one film so far!), their real-life romance makes up for it. They"ve been married because that 10 years, together for 12—and every moment between this Hollywood couple gets much better and better! from their very first date to the birth of their 2 children, below is a complete timeline the Emily Blunt and also John Krasinski"s relationship.

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Emily Blunt and also John Krasinski met with a mutual friend in 2008. Less than a year later, they were engaged.The couple is parental to 2 daughters, Hazel Grace, 7, and Violet, 5.In 2018, they starred in their an initial film together, A Quiet Place, and the sequel is collection to premiere on might 28, 2021.

November 2008: Love at first Sight

For Emily and also John, it was love at first sight when they met at a restaurant in 2008. "It"s kind of a sad, lame story," the actress recalled on Late Night with Seth Meyers in 2018. "I was in a restaurant, he remained in the restaurant. I was sitting v a mutual friend...and my friend Gray walk "Oh my god, that"s my friend John.." and that was it. He was sitting v our girlfriend Justin Theroux, and he exit Justin and also came end to us. He simply stood there and also made me laugh. I kind of "

2008: A Bold first Date

It wasn"t lengthy after lock met the the pair went on their very first date...to a shoot range. "On our very first date, ns decided, "I"m gonna yes, really hit the gas and also bring she to a gun range. Ns think that ns was so certain that I would never finish up with her...that i was like, "You understand what, I"m gonna blow it appropriate away and also then that means you don"t feeling bad," the revealed to Conan O"Brien. However to John"s surprise, the date went well and also they"ve to be together ever since.


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After much less than a year of dating, john proposed to Emily in Los Angeles. The "casual" proposal was complete of tears from both the happy couple and their friends. The actor recalled, "She did cry after ns cried and we cried and then everyone approximately us was crying. Then, i think world weren"t really sure what to be going on, but they were crying because we were crying. However it was great. At the end of the day she said yes which is great. It"s a big part that this whole thing."

July 10, 2010: A Wedding in Lake Como

Emily and also John wed in Lake Como ~ above July 10, 2010. The exclusive ceremony was hosted at George Clooney"s estate and also the bride wore a Marchesa wedding gown.

The adversary Wears Prada actress did have actually one wedding job regret, however: her spray tan! "I obtained a poor spray tan and also I would probably change that," dull told James Corden onThe so late Late Show. "I look in ~ the pictures and also it just has an orange hue that is unnatural to common skin color. Why was i on a spending plan on my wedding day? It was a little bit patchy. The stinks! and it was a very hot day so if friend sweat and also you have a spray tan—wearing white. Just seeping orange. It to be terrible." If only Blunt readthisahead the her large day!

April 16, 2013: John readjusted Her Life

Nearly three years into her marital relationship with John, Emily opened up about her romantic on the covering of InStyle"s May 2013 issue. “Meeting john really readjusted my life,” she said. “When i feel the support that I have from him, i feel invincible. There’s who behind friend on your good days and also someone in front of friend on your poor days."

September 2013: baby on the way

In September 2013, the couple announced they were expecting their very first child together.

And on February 16, 2014, Emily and also John"s an initial daughter was born. The new parents called their tiny one Hazel Grace.


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At the 2015 Critics" choice Awards, Emily to be awarded Best activity Movie Actress for her duty in The leaf Of Tomorrow. However her accept speech to be lovingly interrupted by her husband, who just couldn"t save his excitement! watch the adorable minute here.

January 2016: another Baby ~ above the way

The complying with January, the Hollywood pair announced they to be pregnant v their second child. Later that month, john admitted, "The ideal days of mine life started once I met my wife."

June 2016: Violet Is Born

At the finish of June 2016, Emily and also John ended up being parents yet again once they invited their 2nd daughter, Violet.

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march 15, 2017: Working with each other

On in march 15, 2017, fans ultimately got what they to be patiently wait for: a movie starring both Emily and John! The pair confirmed they were working on a task together, A Quiet Place. ~ above Instagram, john revealed exactly how much he"s to be wanting to job-related with his wife, writing, "Question: "John, who"s the one gibbs you"ve to be wanting to job-related with?" Answer: (see above)." that course, the equivalent photo was of the couple!


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Their film, A Quiet Place, struggle theaters top top April 6, 2018. The pair played a husband-and-wife-duo in the fear film. Walk we mention that their push tour was full of the cutest moments?!


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Emily go on to success a display screen Actors Guild award in 2019 because that her power in A Quiet Place. However her tearful acceptance speech was not without worship for she husband and co-star. She spoke, "I to be going come share this completely with my husband, john Krasinski, due to the fact that the entire experience of act this through you has completely pierced my heart directly. You are a stunning filmmaker. Ns am so happy to be v you and to have actually done this film through you."

July 15, 2019: A Quiet Place component II Confirmed

After the success of their first film together, the couple confirmed lock were functioning on a sequel come the thriller. A Quiet Place: II is slated come premiere on might 28, 2021.

December 10, 2020: Life throughout the Pandemic

Emily opened up to People about how life through John and their daughters has been during the COVID-19 pandemic. "Having John"s assistance is everything because we room each other"s confidant. That shared understanding has actually really been a very crucial anchor for me," she said. "Being around tiny onesduring the pandemic to be such a conserving gracebecause they would just be bouncing roughly thehouse, and also your project is to defend them native whatis happening and also make certain their life remainsjoyful. That was a pretty good lifeline for Johnand me throughout the pandemic, for sure."